Artist Opening
The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

This special exhibition of current Testino photographs was projecting 4,000-5,000 when whey brought us into the planning process, and together were successful in meeting and exceeding those projected numbers on the night of. Everything from check-in, cocktails, Hors d’oeuvres, seating and gallery experience needed re-considering. The added tiers of publicity surrounding In Your Face  provided new obstacles in producing a members’ opening that showcased the current trends in fashion, style, entertainment, marketing, as well as social trends while holding on to the classic museum standard that the current clientele has grown accustomed.  There is an ongoing struggle for a museum to placate museum board members and philanthropic members in providing classic environments, entertainment, and catering for every Museum event, it is their financial contributions that help keep a museum thriving.  The solution was to transform the MFA into a chic, modern Club scene with multiple rooms that were toned down for the traditional member, and rooms that were glammed up for the celebrities and VIPs who were used to a different level of celebration.


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