Meet The Art of the Event Team

Art of the Event is home to some of the most skilled and professional designers. Meet our wonderful team here. We want your next event to meet your vision; these people make everything possible! For more information on our services, contact us!

Meet The Team!

Gayle at Art of the Event

Gayle Gilberto, CIS, President of Art of the Event, Inc. 

As President of Art of the Event, Inc, Gayle has produced hundreds of events since co-founding her company in 2003. Aside from managing a team of producers, salespeople, and associates, Gayle’s expertise is her ability to bring in original, multi-faceted creative projects on-time and on budget. Gayle has an additional 15 years in design and production work, including writing, producing, and directing corporate videos, live events, and television shows, as well as set design experience in feature films and commercials. Gayle has a BA from the University of Massachusetts, an MA in Production from American University, and recently became a certified incentive specialist.

Arthur Wood, Co-Founder and Creative Director

Arthur Wood worked on film, television, and commercial sets before entering the special events industry in 1999. His on-set dressing background gives him a unique talent for on-the-spot problem-solving, quick changes, and crew management. In our studio, he specializes in creating large-scale sets so realistic guests tend to reach out and touch our props.

Arthur at Art of the Event

Samantha Charette, Production Manager

Sam is an accomplished event producer with a keen eye for design. With a degree and background in Graphic Design, she began with Art of the Event in 2017 in the Graphics Department. Through hands-on experience and an interest in all aspects of events, she rose through the ranks, building her client list and portfolio over the years. Now heading up the Production Team, Sam helps oversee the design, production, and logistics of all events through Art of the Event.

rachel ray, event producer

Rachel is an experienced Event Producer with ten years of experience in the event industry. She has a demonstrated history of working in event planning, showcasing expertise in event marketing, managing scaled budgets, increasing client retention, and contributing to business growth. Throughout her years in the industry, she has successfully organized and managed various events, leveraging her keen eye for detail and creative approach.

christina forbes, graphic designer

Christina is an accomplished graphic designer known for creating impactful visual experiences. With a solid branding, typography, and vector art background, Christina brings a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of color and composition to her work to consistently deliver unique and engaging visual solutions for events and brands.




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