Rental Catalog

"I am pleased to recommend one of the best companies I have had the great pleasure to work with, Art of the Event, Inc. This company has been a pioneer in the creation of incredible events, their craftsmanship, design and innovation, keeps making us look forward for the next best thing out of the house of Art of the Event, Inc."   Anton Ramus, GSM, Hilton Boston Back Bay

Browse our Event Rental Catalog for a sampling of our Rental Furniture Products, please call us to inquire for more information and services.

AotE’s Event Rental Catalog has a sampling of what furniture and services we offer. Our expanding inventory constantly has additions so please call us for the most accurate information. Our event rental furniture options include both Cal 133 and Cal 117 furniture options and adhere to Boston Fire codes. We also offer a variety of colorful lounge areas, specialty cocktail tables, dining rounds and bars. Want to speak to a Producer about your event? Please do, we would love to hear from you, call us today at 781-670-9292!

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