Stand Out from the Crowd with a Custom Trade Show Booth



Trade shows provide a unique opportunity to boost your brand’s visibility, generate leads and create valuable industry and client connections Getting noticed at events saves you money and significantly benefits your business in the long run. A 2018 SpinGo data compilation showed that face-to-face meetings at trade shows are cheaper than in the office and that 77% of executive decision makers found at least one new supplier at the last show they attended. If your company hasn’t had a chance to exhibit at a trade show before, now is a great time to start!



From the planner’s perspective, there’s no room for a mistake – every detail needs to be accounted for months before an event takes place. For the design team, the biggest question is how to make your trade show booth stand out from the competition?


The great thing about trade show booths is that there’s always room for creativity. Custom booths are popular because they allow your company’s personality to shine, while also serving as a one-of-a-kind exhibit solution. When designing your custom booth, consider your brand aesthetic, target customers, and how they will interact with space. Use modular walls and a layered display to bring height and dimension to your space at any trade show.


The other key to making your mark the exhibit floor? Branding, branding, branding! Custom graphics and branding are a crucial part of your trade show booth design. Use bright colors and high-impact visuals to promote your brand and clearly display your company’s message to ensure that everyone who walks by, walks in.


Never underestimate the importance of proper lighting. Lighting can be a low cost and high impact way to accentuate key features, such as product displays and promo materials. Consider in-booth media for more interactivity and custom flooring for a fully immersive experience.


Be an observer! Take notes of the most impactful trade show booths you’ve seen before: what made them stick out? Whether it was the captivating demonstrations, the interactive elements, or out of the box graphics – be creative and think what original features can apply to your design.    

Thermacell Panorama copy 

Share your goals and ideas with our award-winning team of planners and designers at Art of the Event, and we can create and execute the perfect design solution for your trade show booth.

Decorate Your Lobby in the Spirit of the Season

Chiofaro_Food Harvest 2017_5374_e copy



First impressions are always important, so when your guests and clients enter your office make it count! Create a positive and long-lasting impression with decor that brings the spirit of the season into your space!

Our designers recommend keeping the lobby decor elegant and simple. Remember, less is more! If you oversaturate your space with decorations, you risk making it look cluttered and distasteful. The abundance of one decor element over another may offend some groups of people. Keeping it simple helps you avoid overlooking these decorative possibilities.

During the winter season, several holidays are taking place virtually at the same time. Be sensitive to all observers, and don’t forget about incorporating elements like menorahs for Hanukkah and kinaras for Kwanzaa.


The holidays may seem like they’re far away, but time flies! The celebrations are right around the corner, and it’s crucial to start planning early. Start with planning your budget and looking for event designers and decorators.

Brightly lit trees wrapped presents, garland, and ribbon – use traditional decor to warm up your space. Try converting your lobby into a winter wonderland with white birch, sparkling faux snow, and candles to light up the room. Whatever you choose, your lobby decor should reflect your company’s aesthetic.

1 copy
Children's_Penguin present vignette small copy


Even small touches make a big difference: complement your existing decor with florals or small vignettes. This will help bring a pop of color and holiday cheer to your lobby.


Need ideas for your themed lobby decor? Call Art of the Event today for a custom proposal.

Why You Should Start Planning Your Holiday Party… NOW!

Fidelity_PresidentsGala_Boston Society of Architects_1712-1988__0039_e


Count how many weeks left until Christmas—surprise! If that’s any clue, the holiday season is approaching faster than you think. The time to start planning your holiday party is now—you’ll want enough time to secure a location, organize vendors like catering, and give employees enough time to mark it off on their calendars. Here’s what you need to keep in mind.


There’s Competition



There’s a limited number of venues, and a limited number of desirable dates surrounding the holidays. Do you want to plan for a weekend or weekday evening?  Both of these options have their pros and cons, but don’t expect your desired space to be available, even if you choose a date you believe may be unpopular. The Holiday season is short!!  Rather than waiting and losing your best options, plan now and get the perfect venue for your group and budget.

Give People Time to Plan



The entire point of the holiday party is to reward employees for a year of hard work and show them that you care. If you give them notice on December 1st that the party will be December 10th, many employees may already have plans and obligations lined up. Rather than create resentment, give them as much time as possible to mark it off in their calendars.


Find Vendors



Many employee parties today, especially for bigger companies, may make use of a number of vendors, such as design and decor companies, catering, DJs, or even show performers. Regardless of the vendor you’re looking for, it makes sense to line them up as soon as you can. Why? Not only are you competing with other holiday parties, but you’re also competing with a popular season for other types of receptions. The city’s best catering options won’t still be accepting orders two weeks before your party date.


More Time to Get Creative


Fidelity_PresidentsGala_Boston Society of Architects_1712-1988__0045_e



It’s 2018. Does your holiday party reflect that? Coming up with creative ways to keep your holiday party engaging will have everyone talking about it for months to come.  Make your event experiential — this means giving your employees something to do during the event that will not only make it memorable but will help your team bond. Also important: think of social media-friendly setups. Custom design elements will get a great deal of photo ops.


When your employees are happy, retention rates soar — and that’s something that gets everyone in the holiday spirit. To find out more about organizing your next holiday party, contact the event planning design experts at Art of the Event for additional info.

4 Fun Ideas and Themes for Your Next Holiday Party


Why do corporate holiday parties matter? Most satisfaction surveys conducted by human resource departments indicate that feeling valued, and feeling like they are a part of something, are important factors in how employees rate their workplace satisfaction and overall productivity.


Holiday parties aren’t just about having a good time and celebrating another year finished (though that is a big part of it). Done right, holiday parties ensure your employees feel appreciated and happy to be a part of your company.


The planning part isn’t always easy, though. Rather than just calling it a “holiday party” and sticking a big bow on it, here are 4 fun ideas and themes you can embrace for winter 2018.

Festive Activities


There’s often a fine line between group activities that feel like fun, and group activities that feel like torture for your employees, but there are some pretty solid winners you can choose from. Consider activities such as:

  • Cookie decorating
  • Gingerbread house decorating (make it a contest: which team can decorate the best in ten minutes?)
  • Ornament painting
  • Holiday trivia contest (example: where did the Christmas tree tradition originate?)


The key to making activities fun is to allow people to engage at their own pace, rather than forcing it.  Also, remember to be inclusive of guest who do not celebrate Christmas.


Great Holiday Themes


Here’s a fact: people love themes. Don’t believe it? Test it yourself this holiday season with a theme like “winter masquerade ball” or “ugly sweater party.” Even a simple color party (everyone wear white and black, as an example) can heighten the festive mood. Other ideas:

  • Victorian Holiday
  • Santa’s misfit toys
  • Nightmare before Christmas


Great Non-denominational Themes

Swiss Chalet gala



Fidelity_Candyland_SeaportWTC_1612-718_0205_e copy

Hollywood Glam


Fairy Tale Forest

JH_ITWoods_Revere_1615-323_0304_e copy


It’s The Giving Season


Chances are, your employees are great people, and the holiday spirit gets them in that give-back mood. Why not double your holiday party as a canned food drive? Ask every guest to bring a can or other non-perishable and keep a large box (wrapped to look like a gift) by the door for collection.  Also, ask a professional how to incorporate socially conscience gifting into your event as an activity!


Rather Than ANOTHER Mug…


Ditch the traditional $10 gift exchange and do something that nets more than just gag gifts. Have everyone bring a batch of cookies to share and a tupperware container—that way, everyone gets to take home some tasty treats for their families.
Planning a holiday party for your business doesn’t need to be a pain. Do it right, and your employees will be talking about it for a long time to come. Contact the event planning experts at Art of the Event for more tips and trips on organizing an amazing event.

Immersive Events

Photo 1

What do you envision when you think of events? Being completely immersed in a story? An entire room transformation? A complete loss for words? Yeah, we do too. Events are our passion, and we want guests to feel transported to another world. How? By using sense engagement. Sense engagement is all about creating an immersive and stimulating experience.


Art of the Event brings your vision to life. Our production, fabrication, and design teams work together to transform your venue with full-scale props, graphics and more, so you can create your dream event!


Here are some fun themes we have done in the past!

  • Enchanted Garden
  • Day of the Dead
  • Circus
  • Graffiti
  • Sports
  • Candyland and many more!


Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6


Create your perfect, immersive event this fall and transform your space!


Photo 7 (Google Image) (1)


Interactive floors and wall displays give your guests an engaging element. This can be integrated into any theme. Add this interactive feature to your next event!


Photo 8 (Google Image)


This interactive medium will take your event to the next level! Technology is rapidly growing and always improving. With sense engagement, your guests are given that extra element of touch! Interactive walls and display floors leave them entertained for hours, setting apart your event from any other they have attended.


And if these interactive displays are not exactly what you’re looking for, try our interactive games! We have classic favorites like Connect 4, Cornhole, Basketball, Ping Pong, and so many more!


Photo 9

Photo 10

Photo 11


So, are you ready to impress your guests? Contact us and plan your next event with sense engagement features!

Unique Corporate Outing Ideas for Fall 2018

people boarding coach bus

Autumn is in the air and we couldn’t be more excited for the best time of year in Boston! Fall is the perfect time to plan a corporate event; employees are no longer taking lengthy vacations and perhaps you’ve acquired some new employees that you’d like to introduce to the rest of your staff. Scheduling a corporate outing simply to celebrate the new season is also a great excuse. Whatever the case may be, Art of the Event has some great corporate outing ideas in Boston that are guaranteed to be a fun time for everyone.

Fall Corporate Outing Ideas in Boston

  • Action Kitchen at Seaport Hotel. Is everyone a die-hard foodie in your office? If so, we highly recommend The Action Kitchen at The Seaport Hotel in Boston’s new hip neighborhood. Here you can either work as a team and create some delicious fall season, New England inspired cousine or work against each other (think Chopped). Art of the Event is here to do the booking for you as well as provide logistics, transportation, and other DMC services for your company.
  • South End Happy Hour Tour. There’s nothing better than walking around the South End during a crisp, bright fall day. We highly recommend a South End happy hour tour if your employees are all about exploring the city and sampling some of the best food and beverages in the area. Art of the Event will contact Bites of Boston (the ones responsible for this wonderful private tour) and ensure that your group is booked and transportation is arranged for those attending. We can also reserve and set up a private event space at a restaurant of your choosing.
  • Paddle Boston River Tours. The Charles River offers unobstructed views of the Fall foliage this time of year and is a great activity for companies with outdoorsy individuals. Choose from either a guided river and harbor tour or take your team out on your own exploratory adventure. Art of the Event will create custom signage to ensure that arriving employees know where to go. We can also raise a tent along the banks of the river and coordinate with a catering company to make this a picnic outing!
  • Station Karaoke Bar. Located in Chinatown, this karaoke bar is perfect if you’re looking to celebrate an employee’s milestone, birthday, or retirement. This bar also offers a private room with ample space for a medium-sized group so that no one but your co-workers will be able to judge your singing voice. Art of the Event will also work with Station Karaoke Bar to provide design and decor services for the private room.
  • Trapology Boston. Escape the rainy New England fall weather by booking an escape room in Boston for your next corporate event. Trapology Boston offers a variety of different themed escape rooms that will test your groups ability to work together. This is a great problem solving activity that will no doubt help bolster employee morale. We highly recommend booking a room at a nearby restaurant for some lunch, dinner, or drinks afterwards.

Whether you’re looking to book a corporate outing or you’re planning for a more formal fall corporate event, Art of the Event is here to provide professional event design and decor services. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities!

New Fall & Winter Event Themes

Wedding Harvest Tablescape

Fall and winter is a great time for both private and corporate events. Not only are there numerous holidays to incorporate into your theme, but also seasons to work with when it comes to event decor and design. The goal is to spark conversation between your guests and make the entire event an interactive one. If you’re looking to really wow your guests with an out-of-the-box theme, below are a few ideas Art of the Event has designed for past events.

2018 Fall & Winter Event Theme Ideas

  1. Day of the Dead Themed Event.

There’s no better feeling than a family celebration. Bring that feeling of belonging and family to your next event while celebrating the past and the future with our Day of the Dead theme. With our larger than life sugar skulls and festive floral arrangements, your event’s decor is sure to stand out.

  1. Alice In Wonderland Themed Event.

Fall down the rabbit hole and join Alice on a trip through wonderland. Art of the Event will help you shrink down to enjoy the magic of wonderland with our eye-catching florals and custom graphics

  1. Star Wars Themed Event.

Realize your childhood dream of flying the Millennium Falcon and jumping to light-speed at your fall and winter events. Our Star Wars and galaxy themed decor will make that galaxy far far away appear at any venue. Art of the Event’s custom fabrication team can build spacecrafts and decor that will engage your guests and create an unforgettable experience.

  1. Royal/British Themed Event.

Let’s face it, we all are obsessed with royal weddings. Why not bring that regal charm to your Fall or Winter event. Art of the Event will ensure that all of your guests get the royal treatment on their trip across the pond. Imagine dining like the cast of The Crown at the royal table or being a guest at the royal wedding-with our full service event planning company the possibilities are endless.


Contact Art of the Event, Inc. today to request more information about our event design capabilities. We provide free proposals and free estimates for all of our projects!

How To Make Corporate Branding Stand Out

Stage decorated with brick and fake plants

Corporate branding is a crucial part of any successful corporate event. It makes a lasting impression on the guests and positions your company for success. Corporate branding is the company’s public image portrayed through a company’s logos, colors and messaging and is designed to make a lasting impact on the consumer. Events are the ideal location to communicate your branding to consumers and make a lasting impression. Leading up to an event, branded social media marketing creates excitement and familiarizes the public with your company. This is important to make a positive impact as you want to build anticipation leading up to the event.

Corporate Branding: Building Anticipation

• Using count down images on Instagram and Facebook the week leading up to the event builds anticipation and can highlight different images, parts of your event, or the past year’s event.
• Publishing speaker profiles in the weeks leading up to the event attracts the speaker’s followers as well as other people interested in the topic.
• Having a range of promotional images keeps people’s attention and prevents redundancy.

EHM logo on table

Corporate Branding: At The Event

• Branded graphics placed around the venue keeps your company front and center throughout the event. Using a company’s existing logo will help with name recognition later down the line.
• Center-pieces on cocktail tables are a great place to put your company logo and add detail to the event using company colors.
Lighting and decor colors can compliment or match a company’s logo and marketing.

Ready to work on your next event’s corporate branding? Contact Art of the Event today for graphic and marketing services, event design and event production services.

Corporate Events: Ideas for Summer Outings in the Boston Area

treasure-map-1850653_640Amazing Race Scavenger Hunt — Portsmouth Team Building

  • Location: This particular event is available in Portsmouth, Manchester, Concord, Durham, Portland and Quincy Market area of Boston. Coming soon to Patriot Place.

Put the problem-solving skills of your employees to the test in a team-building game of Amazing Race. Take part in your company’s own reality show that challenges participants to locate destinations and complete collaborative tasks. In the span of 2-3 hours, teams will use a handheld GPS unit to find the locations and will document completion of each task with digital cameras. Teams will return to the finish line once they have completed all of the tasks, and the winning team will be determined and awarded prizes. At the conclusion of the race, participants will relive the excitement of the games in a slideshow of pictures. Celebrate your team’s victory, or mourn your team’s loss, at a restaurant, pub, or location of your choice after completion of the Amazing Race Scavenger Hunt.

caucasian-3390232_640Random Acts of Kindness — Portsmouth Team Building

  • Location: This activity can take place in any city/town.

Learn more about your co-workers while giving back to the community! With more than 25 random acts of kindness, team members will enjoy exploring and giving back to their city. Each team will be provided with team-specific bandannas, scorecards, writing utensils, musical instruments, $40 cash and 4 gift cards to Dunkin’ Donuts. Within the allotted time slot, teams will complete acts of kindness and a winning team will be determined and awarded a prize. Photos of this activity will be taken throughout, and shared with the teams upon completion.

cold-drink-1535766_640Team Building Cocktails & Mixology Event — DrinkMaster Bartending School

  • Location: Group events are offered in Boston, Framingham, and Worcester, MA.

Treat your company to an educational and interactive dining experience with a cocktail class accompanied by a signature cocktail and gourmet cheese tasting. Your employees will leave this event feeling like professional bartenders as they learn how to prepare and serve classic cocktails and mixed drinks.


taco-558254_640Food Truck Challenge — TeamBonding

  • Locations in MA, NH, New England

Food trucks continue to grow in popularity as a key player in the ongoing food revolution and have become a staple of city life. In “The Food Truck Challenge,” teams will prepare a menu of delicious food and construct and design their own food truck façade, with their team’s food truck name and logo. Each food truck team will be judged based on the taste of their food, and the creativity and originality of their truck façade and logo. If you are looking to provide your teams with an incentive and some inspiration for their food trucks, local food trucks can be arranged to attend your company’s event.


shutterstock_131057237Wicked Good Chowda Cook-Off — TeamBonding

  • Locations in MA, NH, New England

Channel your inner Bostonian and engage your company in a clam chowder cooking competition! Using cream, butter, onions, corn, potatoes, raw eggs, fish or clams, teams will create bowls of delicious, prize-worthy chowder. Each team will be judged not only on the taste of their creation but on how well they worked together as a team and a chowder champion will be named.


Community-rowing-incHarry Parker Boathouse

  • Location: Brighton, MA

Enjoy a beautiful day on the scenic Charles River in Boston with your company! As the largest public access boathouse in the world, Community Rowing Inc.’s Harry Parker Boathouse offers you the opportunity to participate in a day of rowing and a reception overlooking the water. A combination of balance and teamwork, rowing is a great activity for individuals of all ages and experience levels! World class coaches teach everyone and will help your team develop the basic skills of rowing and prepare you for the thrill of racing across the water. We will break into teams to execute the rowing technique and will explore the role of growth and trust through this team-building activity. The Harry Parker Boathouse is the perfect backdrop for a corporate event full of fun and team spirit.


equestrian-statue-1403886_640Urban AdvenTours

  • Location: Boston, MA

Visitors and Boston natives alike will learn something new about the city through Urban AdvenTours bicycle programs. The company offers tours that encompass almost every neighborhood in Boston and offer a secret look at backstreets and hidden gems while providing history and interesting information about each stop. Enhance your experience with a gourmet meal in the Boston Common at the conclusion of the tour to celebrate your hungry bikers!


boston-89575_640GO! RED SOX® — Boston Adventures

  • Location: Boston, MA

Experience Boston’s amazing baseball team with the exciting GO! Red Sox team- building event at Fenway Park! This scavenger hunt will take you around the ballpark, where you will have the opportunity to learn about the team and the history of the franchise, and ends with a luncheon at a nearby restaurant. Take in the sights and history on a tour of the ballpark while having fun with your colleagues! The day concludes with the highly-anticipated awards ceremony where the winners are recognized and awarded special prizes.


shutterstock_492126847Paddle Boston: Charles River Canoe & Kayak

  • Location: Waltham, MA

Join us on an outdoor adventure and take your company on a paddling trip! Canoe or kayak with our trained facilitators who will help your group improve communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills while enjoying the beautiful scenery and water. Compete against your colleagues in our Charles River Poker Challenge where teams work together to collect 5 poker cards as quickly and efficiently as they can! With time to strategize before the challenge begins, teams will use maps and devise a plan before going out on the water and will be awarded prizes dependent upon their skills and success. Trophies will be awarded for top speed team, team spirit, and team with the best poker hand! Paddle Boston provides the perfect opportunity to companies to learn boating skills while also gaining a deeper understanding of the foundation of a positive and productive team. Celebrate the successes of the day with a post-paddle barbecue or picnic nearby.


beer-2370783_640City Brewery Tours

  • Location: Boston, MA

City Brew Tours presents a total experience for your corporate summer outing! They offer unique and engaging ways to increase company productivity through customizable events, informative guides and can provide transportation for your group. They have strong connections with more than 75 breweries, cider houses, and distilleries in the area to present company’s with superior customer service in creating your ideal experience or event, no matter the budget. City Brew Tours also partners with local restaurants and caterers to create specialized menus that complement the hand- selected tastings.

Top 10 Unique Flowers To Pick For Your Wedding

wedding flower display

Every wedding is unique, but oftentimes wedding trends become so popular that it can be difficult to make your wedding stand out among those of your family and friends. At Art of the Event, we believe it’s all about subtle changes to your decor that can make your special day really shine. When it comes to making small tweaks without disrupting the overall theme, our wedding planning company always recommends changing up the floral displays.

But we don’t just mean changing your flowers from roses to hydrangeas — we recommend exploring some truly unique, rare, and exotic flowers to decorate your tabletops and your wedding party. Below are our floral department’s top 10 picks for unique wedding flowers.

Seldom Chosen But Beautiful Wedding Flowers

  1. Bouvardia. Available in white, peach, pink or red — these flowers are the perfect addition to any bouquet or arrangement. They are tiny, star-shaped clustered flowers that make arrangements delicate and feminine for any springtime wedding. The best part? They’re affordable and don’t have a strong scent (if that’s what you’re aiming for).
  2. Coxcomb. Before you say no to this daringly bold flower, hear us out. The coxcomb is unique due to it’s resemblance to a rooster and works as a beautiful, vibrate centerpiece to any arrangement. Available in yellow, green, orange, pink and crimson, the coxcomb is unscented and pairs well with garden roses and dahlias.Floral arrangements
  3. Dahlia. Mentioned above as an accompaniment to the coxcomb, the dahlia flower works as an eye-catcher. It’s bold appearance (available in white, yellow, orange, pink, red and purple) and wide spread of petals makes this flower ideal for filling out otherwise scant arrangements. We recommend adding the dahlia to bouquets or arrangements for early fall weddings.
  4. Freesia. Unlike the flowers above that are unscented, the freesia flower is completely the opposite. Just a few flowers placed strategically throughout your event venue can create a sweet-smelling room that will delight your guests. These affordable wedding flowers are also perfect to use year-round and their lengthy stems work best in table arrangements.
  5. Gladiolus. Best known for it’s flowers protruding down it’s lengthy stem, the gladiolus is perfect for summer beach weddings and outdoor weddings. Available in white, yellow, apricot, pink, dark pink, red, purple and a variety of other colors, this unscented flower is affordable and perfect for adding height to centerpieces. Some brides have often carried a bundle of gladiolus for their walk down the isle!
  6. Ornithogalum. Available year-round in white, ivory, yellow or orange, the ornithogalum is an affordable wedding flower that is long-lasting (a couple weeks after it’s been cut!). This flower is perfect for outdoor weddings and is best known for opening during the day and closing at night — so if you plan to include it in your bouquet, make sure your ceremony is during the day.Table floral display
  7. Queen Anne’s Lace. We know you’ve probably seen this one growing in your local park or along the neighborhood sidewalk — but the queen anne’s lace popularity is due to it’s flower head’s similar appearance to traditional lace. Affordable with a grassy scent and available in white or green, many brides opting for a rustic-themed wedding will add this flower to fill out bouquets or centerpieces.
  8. Stephanotis. Although this is often a popular choice for weddings, this traditional wedding flower just had to be in our list of unique wedding flowers. What makes this flower unique is that it’s white blossoms bloom along a vine, making it the ideal choice for floral decor arrangements such as altar adornments (they can also be hung from wall fixtures). Although inexpensive to purchase, the stephanotis needs to be specially arranged for bouquets which can increase it’s price.
  9. Sweet Pea. A traditional wedding flower that seems to have gone on the wayside as of late. The sweet pea’s delicate petals, floral scent and beautiful green vine make this another perfect wedding flower for table arrangements. Available from November to June, the sweet pea has an intense fragrance and is well worth shelling out a few extra bucks to include it in your arrangements of non-scented flowers.
  10. Tuberose. Perfect for summer or early fall weddings, the tuberose has a strong scent — which means a little bit goes a long way. Include a floret in a table centerpiece with unscented flowers to add some fragrance. Many brides will also include the tuberose in a bouquet to add a touch of softness against other, more brightly colored flowers.

Ready to impress your guests with your floral arrangements at your wedding? Contact Art of the Event and our floral department will work with you to ensure that you receive the perfect flowers in the color of your choice.

The Inside Scoop From AOTE: Meet Josh Manning

As one of the Boston area’s premier event design and event management companies, our clients can expect to work with some of the most creative, energetic, and inspired individuals in the business. With that said, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the design and planning aspect without actually understanding where those brilliant design ideas are coming from.

In an effort to get our clients more acquainted with our amazing team, AOTE is tracking down our employees in their natural habitat (the design and planning room, or warehouse) and asking them everything from what inspires them to what makes working at AOTE so special.

Meet Art of the Event’s Josh Manning


Q: How long have you been with Art of the Event?
A: Almost two years

Q: What is your favorite event and why?
A: We designed a live green room for the 2017 NFL draft in Philly. That was cool because I got to build it and go down and install it. I got to meet a lot of cool people and it was an unforgettable experience.

Q: What is your favorite outside of work activity?
A: I do military simulation air soft tournaments. I am on a team called the Tyrant Kings.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?
A: Movies and books. I enjoy urban gothic, and horror novels.

Q: What makes Art of the Event special?
A: If feels like a family run company in how people interact, the leadership is approachable and they never set anyone up for failure.

Q: How did you get into the event planning business?
A: I kinda fell into it. I was looking for work and for something secure and now I have been here for almost two years.

Q: What is the strangest thing in your fridge right now?
A: A jar of pickle juice.

Q: If you could throw a parade int he office, what kind of a parade would it be?
A: Sasquatch parade.

Prop & Decor Ideas for Boston Themed Events

Everyone loves a themed party or event, so if you live and/or work in Boston and you’re planning on hosting an event with out of town guests, then there’s no better way to greet them into this wonderful city than by putting on an event that showcases all things Boston. Art of the Event has created dozens of Boston-themed props for past clients, so we know a thing or two about how to really wow guests at a Boston-themed party. Below are just a few ideas that will hopefully get those creative juices flowing.

Event Decor For Boston Themed Events

North End Inspired. Boston’s “Little Italy” includes Hanover St. and all of it’s authentic Italian food glory. But that’s not all the North End neighborhood is known for! Art of the Event can recreate the Paula Revere House as well as the Old North Church. Table centerpieces can include old world wine bottles, vintage postcards from Italy, and other iconic props. Choose an Italian-American style menu and top it off with pastries and cannolis that will rival’s Mike’s Pastry.


Charlestown Inspired. Want a nautical-themed party with a historical twist to it? Art of the Event’s custom fabrication team can recreate backdrops of the Boston Naval Shipyard, the USS Constitution, or Bunker Hill Monument. Decor can include nautical themed furniture, centerpieces that include seashells or buoys, as well as ocean or underwater-inspired lighting effects.


Fenway-Kenmore Inspired. It’s hard to not think of professional sports when someone mentions a Boston themed event. We certainly love our sports here! Art of the Event has created NFL-inspired, NHL-inspired, and MLB-inspired events that include logos from our hometown professional sports teams. From replica jerseys hanging from the walls to sports-themed banquet menus, Art of the Event will work with you to make sure that every detail is perfect, all the way down to the shade of green on The Green Monster at Fenway Park.


Downtown Boston Inspired. Let us recreate Boston’s city skyline as the backdrop for your staged event! Our fabrication team can recreate Boston’s iconic statues such as Make Way For Ducklings, the Statue of Paul Revere, Bejamin Franklin, John Harvard, or Samuel Adams. Let us help you create an iconic and unforgettable event using 21st-century modern furniture, clean lines and minimalist decor that’s sleek and sophisticated.

White furniture and white decor

Back Bay Inspired. From the Boston Public Gardens to the Boston Public Library, Back Bay is a beautiful neighborhood — perfect for drawing inspiration from. Your event’s table decor can include local flowers (arranged by our floral department) inspired by those found in the public gardens in order to create a dreamy and more intimate feel for your event. As the city’s shopping district, a Back Bay-based event such as a bachelorette party of bat mitzvah is a popular choice for those fashion forward hosts. Let us help make your event venue playful and colorful!

Flowers for wedding

South Boston Inspired. Ever wanted to host an event that showcased The Lawn on D? Art of the Event can make that happen! We can coordinate with vendors such as Castle Island Brewery to make your event a huge success. From replicating the Hood Milk Bottle to creating edgy, industrial-inspired table and wall decor, our even design team will work with you to ensure your event goes according to plan.

Adirondack chairs

Got some ideas floating around? Awesome! Contact Art of the Event today and let’s start planning your next Boston-themed event.

The Inside Scoop from AOTE: Meet Kelsi Tucker

As one of the Boston area’s premier event design and event management companies, our clients can expect to work with some of the most creative, energetic, and inspired individuals in the business. With that said, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the design and planning aspect without actually understanding where those brilliant design ideas are coming from.

In an effort to get our clients more acquainted with our amazing team, AOTE is tracking down our employees in their natural habitat (the design and planning room or warehouse) and asking them everything from what inspires them to what makes working at AOTE so special.

Meet Art of the Event’s Kelsi Tucker

Kelsi Tucker

Q: What is your favorite event and why?
The bar mitzvah that I just did was probably my favorite. It was hockey and lacrosse-themed and was very creative. A lot of work went into it and it ended up being a hit.

Q: What is your favorite activity outside of work?
A: I love football, so during football season I watch all the games on Sundays and go to 2-3 games per season. When it’s not football season, I’m wishing it was. I also love snuggling with my cat, Sheldon, and drinking wine.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?
A: So, I love weddings. My inspiration originally came from magazines but has now expanded to social media. The Knot is a big one. I read a lot of articles and am I always looking at pictures. The key is to be involved in a lot of events and take new information and knowledge from everything.

Q: What makes Art of the Event, Inc. special?
A: It’s pretty cool that we’re all women, and we put 110% into every event no matter how big or small it is. Every client is important and we really take our time to give them the best service that we can. There’s also a ton of creativity in this office.

Q: How many basketballs would fit in our warehouse?
A: Well, we have a 42 thousand square foot warehouse, and basketballs are about a foot, so I’d have to say 42 thousand.

Want to work with Kelsi and the rest of our event design team for your next event? Request more information today!

White Haute Summer 2018 Wedding Trends

Bistro Lighting

Are you one to stay on-trend year-over-year? Wedding season is in full swing and our event planners in Boston have noticed a few key differences in 2018 weddings compared to 2017 weddings. It’s all about the setting, vibe, and decor, and at Art of the Event, we’re here to make sure all three aspects of your wedding are on point and looking flawless for your big day. We can design and coordinate any type of wedding thanks to our production and fabrication team, but it’s up to you to decide what you want your wedding to look like. Below are the most popular wedding trends of 2018.

2018’s Most Popular Wedding Trends

  • Eye-Catching Escort Cards. Escort cards exist for guests to learn of their assigned seats at the reception. If assigned seating is what you plan on doing for your wedding, then why not make your escort card station really pop? Photos of you and your significant other with the table number on the back, seashells with the table number on the underside, and fake flower petals with the table number on the top all make for a creative and memorable experience.
  • Ditching the Gift Registry. Many of our past clients love the idea of getting useful and much-needed gifts at their wedding, but they have also complained about how time-consuming it is to decide on those items and set up the registry itself. Instead, many couples are just asking for cash. This cash is then used to make a down payment on a home, cover their honeymoon expenses, or to even donate to a charity.
  • Opting Out of Party Favors. You heard us right — many newlyweds said that they ditched the wedding favors in exchange for a more personalized experience for their guests. Couples are now choosing to parcel out gifts as the wedding progresses, such as offering sunglasses for an outdoor wedding, then a makeup touch-up station or flip flops for the ladies, and cigars or specialty sip stations towards the end of the night. Keep in mind that welcome baskets are still popular for destination weddings and out of town guests. Art of the Event’s designers can create beautiful displays for these guest items and amenities.
  • Unique Entertainment Features. It’s not all about the single band or DJ these days. Couples are now hiring additional entertainers to keep their guests happy and interested throughout the night. From cartoonists to photo booth stations, to magicians or lawn games, we highly recommend having a few other activities other than a dance floor that people can opt for. Don’t forget that your event coordinator at Art of the Event can contact these entertainers and book them for you. With our production services, each entertainer will have their own stage.
  • Mixing Up The Roles. It is always a custom to get the “first look” photos of the bride and groom, but this year first looks are going beyond just the star couple. We’re expecting our clients to want the photographer to capture first glances between bride and dad, groom and mom, as well as other key family members. The traditional “stag and hen” wedding parties have also undergone quite a change: these days people of the opposite sex will be standing on both sides of the couple up at the altar.
  • Non-Traditional Venue Spaces. The venue is the first impression guests receive when arriving, and couples are trying to make a statement this year by opting for a venue that’s a little less traditional. Instead of hosting the ceremony outdoors or within a church, some are opting to rent out barns, historic buildings, museums, theaters, breweries, and other venues that are meaningful to the couple. Not sure if the space you want can accommodate a wedding? Leave it to Art of the Event’s wedding planners to inquire about the space and book the venue.

Plan your 2018 wedding with help from Art of the Event. Our professional event design company in Boston is here to provide you with the latest insight regarding floral trends, popular wedding cuisine, preferred Boston or New England area venues, and decor styles. Contact us today to request more information about our capabilities!

wedding reception venue in Newport, RI

Why Everyone Is Opting For Destination Management Companies in Boston

Dry ice

Event season is in full swing now that the weather is warmer in the Boston area. If you’re planning a large event at a Boston venue this summer, transportation for guests and travel logistics can get quite disorganized very quickly if you aren’t careful. Lately, many people have been opting for destination management companies (DMC) in Boston as it saves them from booking and transportation nightmares. Art of the Event is here to provide comprehensive DMC services for your next corporate or private event.

What Does Destination Management Include?

DMC services from event design companies such as Art of the Event include a wide array of organizational efforts from meeting and event management to transportation services, tours and team building events as well as in-house design and decor services. The goal is to help you choose a local hotel, food and beverage menu, venue selection, shuttle services and any add-on services that fit the needs of your event, your guest list, and your budget. Many of our clients don’t know the Boston area, it’s venues and it’s hotels well enough to make a decision alone, which is why Art of the Event is here to help.

EHM logo on table

Benefits of Destination Management Services in Boston

Destination management can be as extensive or as hands-off as you want it to be, we just want to ensure that your event goes smoothly. There are dozens of benefits to utilize destination management services in Boston, including:

  • Knowledge of the area, it’s hotels, it’s venues, restaurants, and catering or food vendors
  • Staying within your allotted budget and notifying you if the budget is under or may need to go over
  • Optimization of human resources in the area
  • Ability to select the best suppliers and caterers for your event
  • Event design, decor, and event branding all pre-approved by you
  • Decreased stress levels for the event host (you!) so you can worry about what matters

Ready to give your guests the perfect event experience from the moment they enter Boston? Contact Art of the Event today to learn more about our destination management capabilities throughout the greater Boston area.

Unique & Effective Branding Ideas for Events

Wooden podium

We’re full steam ahead into spring season which means way more opportunities for unique event ideas in the Boston area. If your business is planning an event and you’re looking to build business credibility, support, brand recognition, and loyalty, then your best bet is to opt for some creative branding with help from Art of the Event.

The goal of event branding is to be subtle, yet creative and eye-catching. It can take a lot of practice to master the art of event branding, which is why we highly recommend contacting a professional corporate event branding company. Here are a few creative ideas to get you started — all of which our event planning company in Boston is more than capable of designing for you.

Effective Event Branding Ideas

  • Social Media Props. There’s nothing better than setting up a corporate event Hashtag in the weeks leading up to your big event and then having your guests use it at a custom-designed social media photo booth. Art of the Event will create props guests can hold in order to make the photos Instagram-worthy while at the same time promoting your brand. This branding idea is also quite inexpensive depending on the size and scale of the props.Radius Dance Party MIT
  • Lighting. Lighting effects is what we do best here at Art of the Event and we can truthfully say there’s nothing more jaw-dropping than a large, lit-up company logo on a back wall or dance floor. Our graphics and branding department will work closely with our production crew to make sure the lighting is just right and is coordinated with your company’s logo colors or your event’s theme colors.
  • Lanyards & Badges. Planning on making an appearance at an industry conference or trade show? Make sure your company stands out with custom-designed lanyards and badges. These are great additions to the age-old business cards and are much more visible and recognizable. Let us help your representatives make a lasting first impression with colorful badges.
  • Backdrops. Sponsorship backdrops are often what you see while watching the Oscar’s or Emmy Awards, but why not bring that red carpet vibe to your next event? Sponsored backdrops are a great entry feature to have and are the perfect setup for any press or photographers who want to get a snap of a corporate executive or keynote speaker.
  • Digital Branding. If your event includes a well-positioned screen from which keynote speakers will be making presentations, then this is your chance to set up a holding screen. These screens will be displayed between presentations as opposed to turning the projector off altogether. Art of the Event will work with you to ensure that your logo is crystal clear and can be seen easily from any corner of the room.Projector screen
  • T-Shirts. There’s a reason this event branding idea keeps making the list — it’s because it actually works! Custom-made t-shirts and company apparel is a great way to build company morale as well as advertise your brand. Although Art of the Event does not provide screen printing services, we do provide branding and logo design. Let our experts custom create a t-shirt design that you can then send to the print screen company.
  • Wristbands. These little bracelets aren’t just to keep tabs on how many people are at an event, they’re also a great way to advertise a brand. Think about it: every time the individual looks at their watch or goes to shake the hand of another event attendee, that wristband is noticeable.
  • Lectern. The highlight of any corporate event is always the keynote speaker, which means all eyes are on the podium as they present. Make your brand known loud and clear by choosing a lectern branding design custom created by Art of the Event’s graphic design team. Audience members will be snapping photos that will eventually be shared online, which means your brand will end up reaching a large audience for days after the event wraps up.

Ready to make a lasting impression on your guests at your next corporate event? Contact Art of the Event today for graphics and branding services, event design and event production services.

floor lighting logo

5 Unique Springtime Corporate Party Theme Ideas

couch area wit rustic seating

Happy spring, everyone! Even though the weather is still chilly, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start planning for the springtime corporate event you have coming up. Art of the Event is here to provide professional corporate event planning in Boston, Cambridge, and elsewhere in New England! We love springtime decor; we believe that playful, fresh colors can really lift employee moral and give everyone a boost of energy that will carry into the summer months.

Ready to start planning for your spring corporate event? Let Art of the Event help you make this year’s event fun and memorable by working with you to design the perfect spring theme. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Popular Corporate Spring Event Ideas

  1. Carnival/Festival. Carnivals and festivals always bring a smile and a sense of nostalgia to any group. Art of the Event will ensure that there’s plenty of colorful decor such as balloon animals, hand-painted backdrops and even standing props of your favorite carnival rides. Imagine the cocktail bar looking like a prize booth! The possibilities are endless when you have access to our full service event planning company.
  2. April Showers. Let’s face it — it’s always raining here in the Boston area in April, so why not embrace it and make it a central part of your spring corporate event? Art of the Event’s custom fabrication team will work to create water features and rain-inspired decor and activities that will help your employees talking and having a good time. Our event coordinator will work with your chosen venue to select the perfect catering menu and libations that fit well with your theme.
    Into The Woods Theme Event
  3. Cherry Blossoms. When the weather is just right, the cherry blossoms will be in full bloom across the country. Unfortunately there aren’t too many here in the Northeast, so why not bring the iconic Cherry Blossom festival from Washington DC to the Boston area? Art of the Event’s floral and garden arrangements are stunning, and we’ll make sure your venue is overflowing with artfully placed cherry blossoms. From table decor to entrance-way presentations, when you see the results you’ll swear you’ve been transported to Japan or our nation’s capital!
  4. Urban Safari. There’s no better place to be than walking around the Boston or Cambridge area during a warm spring day. Make your corporate event an all-day affair by having your employees team up into groups and heading out into town for an urban scavenger hunt. Have individuals take pictures of items on the scavenger list and reconvene at a nearby venue with a patio. Art of the Event’s graphics and branding team will ensure that your venue decor includes your corporate branding and logo.
  5. Garden Party. There’s nothing more relaxing than getting your employees together for a fun “wine and paint” event. Whether you chose to rent out an official wine and paint night venue in the city or you plan on re-creating your own at the office, Art of the Event will see to it that there are plenty of flowers and decorations to celebrate the spring season. Each guest can decorate a flower pot while sipping on refreshments. Once the pot dries, they will plant fresh spring flowers and have the opportunity to keep them at their work desk. Our event coordinator will make sure everything is organized and on time.

Contact Art of the Event today to request more information about our event design capabilities. We provide free proposals and free estimates for all of our projects!

Flowers for wedding

Corporate Winter Events The Office Will Love


Looking to break up the monotony at the office this winter and do something fun for the entire company? Plan a special event that everyone will want to attend! Art of the Event specializes in designing and managing corporate events for businesses in the greater Boston area; we can even provide DMC services if you’re planning a corporate getaway for your employees. From large scale corporations to satellite office departments, we’ve got some great ideas and venues for your next winter event.

  • Happy Hour at Boston Harbor Distillery. Massachusetts may not have an official “happy hour”, but rounding up the employees and heading over to the Boston Harbor Distillery is a great end to any 5-day work week in the winter. Art of the Event can work with you to design lighting and custom signage as well as organize transportation services for all attendees.wooden podium
  • Company Milestone at Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub. Is your company celebrating a record-breaking 2017 fiscal year? Let Art of the Event help you celebrate in style by providing a customized, themed party. This space — located in Central Square in Cambridge — has a few different rooms to choose from depending on the size of the party.
  • Laugh it Off at Laugh Boston. Need to boost company morale when the weather is this cold? Laugh Boston the perfect event space for a mid-winter office event. The 300-seat comedy theater is located in Downtown Boston along the waterfront. Art of the Event will step in and provide design and decor, graphics and branding, and DMS services.
  • Employee Milestone Celebration at Carrie Nation Cocktail Club. This is one of our favorite venue spaces in the Boston area! Carrie Nation‘s private event space holds around 380 people and is the perfect venue for employees who are celebrating a company milestone or project achievement. Art of the Events floral department can create beautiful table decorations as well as production services if a speech is in order.
  • Birthday Bash at King’s Dining & Entertaining. Also known as King’s Bowling, this venue is located in Boston’s Back Bay area and is great for a smaller company outing or employee birthday celebration. With award-winning food, full-service bars, and 16 bowling lanes, you can’t go wrong with this venue. Art of the Event can provide DMC and graphics and branding services such as creating custom signage and coordinating transportation to and from the venue.

Don’t forget that if your office has the space available, Art of the Evet can also provide custom event design and fabrication services at your company location. It’s time to make the most of the long New England winters and start planning for a winter corporate event with help from our professional event design company! Contact us today to request more information.

Stage with brick props and fake plants

A Year in Review: Multi-part Blog Series

Now that we are officially into the thick of January, AOTE has been reflecting on what a creative and successful year 2017 was. Our calendar was booked up with corporate parties, non-profit fundraisers, college and university student events, Bar and Bat- Mitzvah’s, proposals, weddings and lots of furniture rentals. We appreciate the wide array of clients we work with and wanted to share some “stand out” events from the past year in a multi-part blog series.

Twilight Zone

Employees spend countless hours a week, month and year at the office in which they work, so why not surprise them by transforming your office lobby into a dramatic environment. We had the pleasure of creating the Twilight Zone in an office lobby this past October and let’s just say it did not disappoint!

Our team designed and fabricated multiple scenes from the iconic 1959 TV show. Employees truly experienced the “Twilight Zone” effect as they teetered between the reality of the workday surrounded by the delusion of an alternative state of mind.


Basketball Bat-Mitzvah

At Art of the Event, we love designing for Bar and Bat-Mitzvahs. Every party is unique and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver results that express the personality of each individual client.

This past year we worked with Twist Event Design and Management to create an NBA themed Bar-Mitzvah at the Pine Brook Country Club in Weston, MA. Jerseys representing various professional basketball teams hung from the ceiling, the dance floor was transformed with a basketball court facade and a shelved wall of basketballs stood as a statement piece behind the bar.


Music Encore Gala

We had the privilege of designing for an annual Music Encore Gala held at the Boston, Marriott Copley Place. The Gala benefits the Berklee City Music program, a nonprofit organization that utilizes the power of music to inspire youth.

To welcome guests in, we set up a red carpet and standing marquee highlighting the musical performances to be enjoyed that evening. In addition, we staged a retro seating area with weathered chairs, past-time posters, lava lamps and guitars for guests to admire as they passed through to the cabaret.

We always aim to provide a different “statement piece” to really dazzle guests. We love to think outside the box and create over-the-top decor pieces. This year’s statement piece was a 360 degrees, ceiling height guitar tower designed and built in our warehouse (click the link for a tour of our 42,500 square foot warehouse)!


Rustic Autumn Retreat

Autumn in New England is one of the most picturesque times of the year, so naturally, we had a blast bringing the raw beauty of the season to life with hand-made, rustic decor for this barnyard retreat.

An ornate wagon wheel chandelier with leaves, pinecones, glass orbs and twinkle lights hanging from each spoke was specifically designed and crafted to serve as an eye-catching piece for this event. Playing up the authenticity of the barn, hanging lights, brass votives, candles, and pumpkins brought a sense of warmth and welcome to this space. To top it off, floral arrangements consisting of mums, marigolds, and alstroemeria garnished the dining tables. Decor elements such as these can easily translate to all event types. Having a fall wedding or woodland reception? Give us a call!

As a full-service Destination Management Company (DMC), we were not only able to provide decor for this event but transportation from to and from the airport, transfer from the hotel to the event space, coordinated tours and event staffing for this multi-day program.


Non-Profit Fundraiser

It was an honer to have worked with a local non-profit on their record-breaking, 14th Annual Wine & Spirits Charity fundraiser held at the House of Blues, Boston. As a nod to the theme of #SendCanerPacking, we designed a travel-inspired event featuring the juxtaposition of a tropical oasis and cozy ski lodge.

Not only were we able to showcase our design skills, but our lighting and production abilities as well. Guests were immersed in a fantasy vacation inclusive of palm trees and surfboards to evergreens and snowboards.


Check back soon for part two of our 2017 in Review blog series! We are grateful to all our clients and vendors that allow us the opportunity to create such amazing events and we look forward to working with you in the future! Contact us for professional event planning.

This Is Not Your Ordinary Holiday Party

It’s that time of year again, invitations are piling in for company, client and personal holiday parties. The invitations are no doubt festive and inviting. Yet, they form your expectations to find yourself at another traditional holiday party boasting predictable decor – gold and silver hues, string lights here and there, garland trim and scents of balsam and pine. While this stirs your emotions and gets you in the “spirit of the season,” your thoughts wander elsewhere. Do all holiday parties need to consist of the same conventional theme?

The answer is …they absolutely do not! Why not try a non-traditional theme this season? Why not excite guests with an unexpected environment? At Art of the Event we love to think outside the box and feed the imagination of our clients. With our in-house design and fabrication teams, there are no limits to what we can build for you.

So, we got creative this year!

Enchanted Forest – An Archway sheathed with leaves and vines welcomes you into a secret, enchanted forest. Hanging gardens transform the ceiling and table tops are adorned with standing chandeliers and eye-catching floral arrangements. A mixture of candles and lighting effects create a captivating and intimate atmosphere for you and your guests.


Candyland – Evoke the child within you this holiday season with a real life game of Candyland. Transform your event space to embody the Rainbow Trail. Greet guests with a ginger bread man in the Peppermint Forest and dazzle them with a life-sized Lolli Pop Forest. Of course, let’s not forget the King Candy bar!


Rustic Lodge – It doesn’t get more inviting than a cozy, rustic lodge. Whether your guests would prefer to gather around a stone fireplace and sip on hot toddies, or embrace the energy of a bustling ski resort, you are sure to impress with this combination of indoor and outdoor elements. Top off your decor with mountain trail signs, evergreens and fake snow and you have a quintessential seasonal event.


At Art of the Event we take our clients’ visions and make them a reality. Each event is different and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver just that, unique, hand-crafted decor guaranteed to look the part. It’s not too late to start planning your holiday party this season and Art of the Event is here to help you every step of the way.

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