Steps To Plan The Best Graduation Party


Steps To Plan The Best Graduation Party

Graduation season is here! After the diplomas are handed out comes the fun part, the party! This is a guide for the graduates in your life. We will cover all of the things you need in order to impress your guests. Here are our essential steps for planning a memorable party for yourself or the grad in your life.

Food Preparation

Food is at the epicenter of every great graduation party.  If you plan on cooking yourself, understand that this will be a full-time endeavor, leaving you with little else to do throughout the course of the function, so plan accordingly.  Alternatively, catering can be a great option.  Pizza restaurants offer brick oven trucks that can churn out pizzas all night, staffed by employees of the restaurant.  Taco trucks can make the party as well.  Regardless of your plan, ensure the right amount of tasty food is provided for the number of guests you plan on having.


A tasty menu of graduation libations is complimented well by a smattering of lawn games.  This will give young and old guests time to play around instead of standing around.  Spike Ball, Ladder Ball, KanJam, and Bocce are always crowd favorites.  For homemade options, consider a game of washers, cornhole, or horseshoes! Cards are welcome as well, and if there is a sporting event local to your area airing on television, consider bringing a TV outside if you can.


This one is all in the eye of the beholder. But we will say more doesn’t necessarily mean better.  We are always fans of simple balloons on the mailbox out front. Decor is a great way to spruce up your party.


It is important to remember your neighbors! Ensure the music is not obnoxiously loud or explicit. Let those around you know what your plans are. Make arrangements for parking ahead of time, perhaps contacting your local police to get permits.

Gift Giving

Make it known ahead of time what the expectations are. Are your guests expected to bring a gift for the grad or just enjoy a nice evening? Make that known to avoid any dissonance.

Responsible Drinking

Please have some sort of system in place to prevent minors from getting hold of any drinks they should not have. Also, arrange for taxi services for guests who you believe should not be driving home. This is an unfortunate reality of these types of events, but being prepared can help remove some of this anxiety.

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Congratulations to the 2024 graduates! If you plan on throwing a party to celebrate, keep in mind some of these steps and you are bound for success! If planning a party is too much to handle, event planning with Art of the Event is here! Let us plan your graduation event. Call us at 781-670-9292 or fill out our contact form.

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