4 Creative Ways to Serve Food & Drinks at your Next Event

One of the biggest trends right now is getting your guests involved in their menu choices. Skipping the plated meal or traditional hors d’oeuvres and opting for more interactive delights is a great way to make a lasting impression on your guests.

AotE has got you covered with unique interactive food displays on the market. Our one-of-a-kind food service stations create photo opportunities, conversation topics, and make food part of the fun. Most importantly, they allow your guests to customize their fare to fit their preferences, all but guaranteeing that everyone will be raving on social media about your event!

1.      Bring the Refreshments Around on a Ferris wheel

Carnival and cirque themes are hot this summer! Whether you’re planning an outdoor or indoor festival or event, our working Ferris wheel will create a truly instagrammable moment for your guests!


Dimensions: 9’T with five trays to hold your snacks or merch, and a customizable base.

2.      Not-Just-A-Doughnut Wall

There’s a new sweet treat dominating dessert bars everywhere: doughnut walls! Our sleek & whimsical doughnut wall will look impressive in your space, and you can customize it with a graphic, logo or monogram.

Not a fan of sweets? Display pretzels, bagels, candy canes, or any other hang-able food!

doughnut wall

Dimensions: 8’Tx4’W, with 2’ of customizable space at the top and bottom, and 96 pegs.

3.      Raise Your Glass with a Champagne Hedge Wall

Guests will have a blast choosing their glass, toasting to the night, and taking selfies in front of our elegant champagne wall! With faux hedge and custom florals, this wall is stylish, functional, and bound to be the center of attention.

champagne wall

Dimensions: 8’x8’ hedge wall, complete with slotted shelves that hold 96 of any size wine glass.

4.     Tap the Keg Wall

Breathe new life into your bar space with our rustic & chic keg wall; A fully functional and staple decor piece, featuring your favorite brews on tap! Draft beer is also eco-friendly, with refillable kegs and less overall waste.

Dimensions: 74”Wx8’T with four beer lines.

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