10 Ways to Incorporate Branding to Your Event

 Traditional and Creative Uses

If you have upcoming events or parties for your company, you want to make sure you know how to properly display your brand in the perfect way. There are a variety of ways to incorporate your brand throughout an event in both traditional and creative uses.

 Standard Ideas for Branding:

  1. Stage Backdrops
    • Having a stage backdrop at your event can help make a statement and grab your audience’s attention with this visual branding option.
  2. Entryways
    • First impressions are very important, so when your guests walk into your event, it could be a good idea to have the brand displayed at the entryway to welcome guests while letting them know they are in the right place and hint on what is to come!
  3. Floral Centerpieces
    • Floral Centerpieces and arrangements can be used as branding by having flowers throughout your event in your company’s colors! Our in-house florists know many different varieties to suit your needs.
  4. Elevator & Escalator Graphics
    • Another opportunity for branding is by utilizing the blank spaces on elevators and escalators in a hotel with eye-catching graphics. It works great for multi-day events where guests are staying in that hotel and you can relay your message throughout the day.
  5. Puzzle Walls & Signage 
    • Eye-catching puzzle walls and signage dividers are great ways for displaying products and materials. They also work great as event space dividers for all types of meetings and events.

Creative Ideas for Branding:

  1. Floral Columns 
    • Don’t go the traditional route with florals just being displayed on tables and buffet areas, be imaginative
      and string the company’s corporate colors throughout the event with Floating Frame Columns to use as room dividers, wayfinding and more!
  2. Custom Artwork & Bar Backdrops
    • Transform a reception space and custom design a piece of artwork to be a backdrop for a bar. Cover unwanted windows in a space with large graphics that go with the theme or are part of branding guidelines, opportunities are endless.
  3. Sculptural Pieces
    • Make a statement upon entering an event or tradeshow by making the company logo a sculpture!
  4. Specialty Floor graphics 
    • Most floor surfaces including hardwood, tile, carpet, concrete and brick can have floor graphics on them, this creative marketing method can help customize your event from top to bottom.
  5. Infographics 
    • A creative branding technique is displaying your company’s statistics in an infographic to show off your companies accomplishments!

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