2022 Wedding Trends

Weddings have changed more than ever in recent years. While there are a few factors involved in how trends develop, the most significant change in the wedding world has been the presence of the pandemic. As a result of social distancing and other requirements for proper COVID-19 etiquette, several changes have stuck around in the last couple of years. Other trends are unrelated to the pandemic but can provide some creative insight into your 2022 wedding.

Backyard Venues

Although backyard weddings became something of a necessity throughout the pandemic, it seems the trend may be sticking around. Both the ceremony and the reception can be held in the same location, offering hosts and guests a smooth transition from wedding to party. The backyard venue is cost-saving and allows people to go mask-free in the open air, given space is readily available for proper distancing.

Vintage Jewelry

Both vintage and faux-vintage rings are trendy in 2022. There’s something about a reminder for simpler times that adds to the ambiance of a vintage piece of jewelry. This year, get ready to see gorgeous, antique-styled engagement rings and wedding sets.

Weekday Wedding Date

Many couples have been opting for a weekday wedding in a (successful) effort to cut costs. Venues are far less costly on a weekday than a weekend. While it may be difficult to arrange a weekday wedding where all of your friends and family can attend, a smaller wedding on a weekday is often possible and worth the savings.


Electronic wedding invites and save-the-dates mostly started because of the need to change dates in 2020 and 2021. The pandemic created a demand for wedding plans to be easily altered. Now, in 2022, e-invites are sticking around. There are many ways to create them, both free and paid. Another benefit is the impact a virtual invite will have on the environment compared to paper copies.

Short Wedding Dresses

Long wedding dresses were once the only wedding dresses. While traditional styles still exist, so do short dresses, known as the little white dress. The little white wedding dress grants brides the ability to go from wedding ceremony to wedding reception without issue. Say the vows and hit the dance floor in the same dress.

Unique Table Layouts

With a need to distance tables from one another, 2022 weddings will continue to see unique layouts. Venues have had to get creative in setting up tables to allow people from different households to be separated. While that may not be necessary for the 2022 wedding season, the creativity involved in the process is expected to carry over, and unique setups are sure to intrigue guests.

Flower Preservation

Although brides tend to throw their bouquets or keep a single flower for memory’s sake, brides are now saving entire bouquets with flower preservation. Varying methods are becoming more and more popular for saving flowers associated with great memories.

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