4 Fun Ideas and Themes for Your Next Holiday Party


Why do corporate holiday parties matter? Most satisfaction surveys conducted by human resource departments indicate that feeling valued, and feeling like they are a part of something, are important factors in how employees rate their workplace satisfaction and overall productivity.


Holiday parties aren’t just about having a good time and celebrating another year finished (though that is a big part of it). Done right, holiday parties ensure your employees feel appreciated and happy to be a part of your company.


The planning part isn’t always easy, though. Rather than just calling it a “holiday party” and sticking a big bow on it, here are 4 fun ideas and themes you can embrace for winter 2018.

Festive Activities


There’s often a fine line between group activities that feel like fun, and group activities that feel like torture for your employees, but there are some pretty solid winners you can choose from. Consider activities such as:

  • Cookie decorating
  • Gingerbread house decorating (make it a contest: which team can decorate the best in ten minutes?)
  • Ornament painting
  • Holiday trivia contest (example: where did the Christmas tree tradition originate?)


The key to making activities fun is to allow people to engage at their own pace, rather than forcing it.  Also, remember to be inclusive of guest who do not celebrate Christmas.


Great Holiday Themes


Here’s a fact: people love themes. Don’t believe it? Test it yourself this holiday season with a theme like “winter masquerade ball” or “ugly sweater party.” Even a simple color party (everyone wear white and black, as an example) can heighten the festive mood. Other ideas:

  • Victorian Holiday
  • Santa’s misfit toys
  • Nightmare before Christmas


Great Non-denominational Themes

Swiss Chalet gala



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Hollywood Glam


Fairy Tale Forest

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It’s The Giving Season


Chances are, your employees are great people, and the holiday spirit gets them in that give-back mood. Why not double your holiday party as a canned food drive? Ask every guest to bring a can or other non-perishable and keep a large box (wrapped to look like a gift) by the door for collection.  Also, ask a professional how to incorporate socially conscience gifting into your event as an activity!


Rather Than ANOTHER Mug…


Ditch the traditional $10 gift exchange and do something that nets more than just gag gifts. Have everyone bring a batch of cookies to share and a tupperware container—that way, everyone gets to take home some tasty treats for their families.
Planning a holiday party for your business doesn’t need to be a pain. Do it right, and your employees will be talking about it for a long time to come. Contact the event planning experts at Art of the Event for more tips and trips on organizing an amazing event.

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