5 Ways Lighting Can Enhance and Event

Aside from illumination so that people are not stumbling around there are other purposes that event lighting provides. For example, a key component that event lighting gets used for is where the audience should direct their attention. There can be a lot of distractions that come up when you are at an event. One way to ensure that they keep the audience’s attention engaged on what is happening is lighting. Now, that is only one way to utilize lighting. Let’s go 4 other ways lighting can be used to enhance an event.

Lighting Directs The Audience’s Attention

Lighting is a great tool to tell people where to look and set the mood in a room. Specifically, spotlights are great for honing in everyone’s eyes to one spot. There are ways to use this tip to your advantage with being in control of what the audience sets their attention to at different points in your event. Keeping your audience more engaged and attentive to what you are trying to show them lets your audience get comfortable. By doing this, you are allowing your audience to experience what was intended in the order you want them to.

Changing The Room

Even with a simple lighting, it is easy to give those attending a different experience throughout the day. For example, if you are planning on having two speakers at an event it is a great idea to change the room to contribute to each speaker. This can also positively affect your speakers as it allows them to be themselves and comfortable. This is a great way to utilize one event with different styles.

Lighting For Décor

Most places and venues come with their own lighting, usually overhead lighting. This often leaves the room looking bland. Lighting is a great way to reinforce the theme of an event. Your brand or cause will have its own colors and with proper professional lighting it can be used to augment the theme. Some examples come in the form of LED lights or uplighting a wall with colors.

Lighting for Cameras

If you plan on filming an event or having any type of camera there you need to consider the lighting that is offered. Cameras are far more sensitive to lighting contracts than our eyes. If you have ever taken a photo of someone in front of a sunset you understand the problems it can cause. There are three disciplines of lighting: there is lighting for décor, theatrical lighting, and lighting for video. In general each one of these are more complex than the preceding one, which is why it is important to have a professional team.

Lighting for Presenter and Audience Comfort

Under the traditional stage lighting it is very hard for presenters to see the audience. This can make public speaking that makes it that much harder. A good fix is having lighting pan across the audience or dim lighting for the presenter to make out faces in the crowd. This will also make those in the audience feel more engaged as it changes the relationships between the presenter and the audience.

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