Benefits of No-Touch Hand Sanitizing Stations

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, most people were not so keen on sanitizing stations as a society, despite the regular seasonal flu and other contagious diseases. However, the current pandemic has forced our society to be more conscious of our hygiene and contact with other human beings. In our current world, we all depend on each other to stay safe. As such, sanitizing stations are being installed almost everywhere to protect people. 

Research conducted by experts since the beginning of the pandemic clearly shows that sanitizers dispensed by foot pedals are best for reducing the spread of the virus. A no-touch hand sanitizing station is beneficial in so many ways as we will discuss below:

Thoroughly sanitary

A no-touch hand sanitizing station is the most sanitary way to provide dispensers to a large number of people. People often have germs lingering on their hands, a cumulative of the many surfaces, spaces, and things you touch daily but having a hand sanitizer that is dispensed by a foot pedal ensures the sanitizing station remains clean and safe for use every day.


Many sanitizing stations are installed in a way by which disabled people can’t gain access to such a simple service. However, a no-touch hand sanitizing station helps disabled people get access to public hand sanitizers. It also ensures that they are safe, especially because of their vulnerability.

Highly Innovative

Before the pandemic, people did not pay much attention to the use of hand sanitizers. After the Covid-19 protocols were launched, some people have found it difficult to use hand sanitizers as frequently as prescribed. A no-touch hand sanitizing station could serve as a reminder to people that using a hand sanitizer could be as easy as walking on a pavement. 

Easy to install

No touch hand sanitizing stations are easy to install and very economical. Everyone is tired of the periodic lockdowns and almost no physical contact with the outside world. Hence, having a no-touch hand sanitizer at your event or in a public place helps everyone.


No touch hand sanitizing stations are highly durable and can last for as long as ten years. Usually, they are made of steel which is resistant to harsh conditions. That elongates the lifespan of the station. They are perfect for public use in restaurants, companies, hotels, public restrooms, supermarkets, and malls.

Order No-Touch Hand Sanitizing Stations from My Safe Meeting

In conclusion, no-touch hand sanitizers are another inventive way of keeping the world safe, and you should invest in one. As much as they are needed by business owners, they can also be installed in the home to give guests and family members easy access to the sanitizer. If you need to purchase one, kindly check out My Safe Meeting for the purchase and installment of your quality and safe no-touch hand sanitizers. Give us a call today at 978-267-1080 or fill out a contact form!

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