Can UV Light Kill Covid-19?

We can classify UV light as a form of radiation because its energy level is higher than that of radio waves. However, it is not greater in energy than gamma rays or X-rays.

It is common practice to kill viruses and bacteria with UV light, and recently, many have applied this theory to fight covid-19. To verify the truth in this application, let’s look at some facts first. Three types of UV light exists:

  • UVA light with the lowest energy and you face the most exposure to this in the sun. 
  • UVC light with the most energy, the earth’s ozone absorbs most of this from the sun
  • UVB light comes from the UV light spectrum’s center. It mainly contributes to skin cancers and sunburn.

The AJIC, in its newest study, stated UVC light helps eliminate covid-19 present in liquid culture forms. According to this same study, it is possible to fight off the real virus within 9 minutes of exposure to UVC light.

Another study in the same American Journal states that a particular type of UVC light can destroy 99.7& or Coronavirus in thirty seconds. 

We refer to this form of UVC light are far-UVC light, which is the middle wavelength between 207 and 222 nanometers. The greatest advantage of this type of UVC light is that it manages to kill most germs without harming your eyes and skin. 

Due to this advantage, it is much less hazardous in comparison to other kinds of UVC light. Another study suggests using far-UVC light to kill Covid 229E and OC43, present in the air. These forms of Coronavirus can cause common colds.

From the pooled results the studies provide, researchers conclude that, by applying far-UVC light to current regulatory standards, we could destroy 99.9% of the airborne Coronavirus. This entire process would take approximately twenty-five minutes. Researchers are also of the opinion that these results are pertinent to SARS-CoV-2. 

Judging how the UVC light requires no additional chemicals to activate the Coronavirus, we can use it ideally in disinfectants. For this very reason, manufacturers have come up with special lamps that employ UVC light to kill covid germs present on:

  • Personal protective equipment of medical personnel, such as the N95 masks
  • Operating rooms
  • Medical equipment pieces
  • Surfaces in healthcare settings. 

Thus far, the only drawback that has come to notice is that UVC light needs to come in direct contact with the germ carrier to be effective. Hence, if you use it in an area with a layer of dust, the UVC light will not be as effective as killing germs. 

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