Creating a Safe Office & Venue Space for Social Distancing

As the peak of coronavirus infections starts to level off in many countries, industries affected by the outbreak are starting to plan how their businesses will reopen while continuing to stay safe and practice social distancing. With the plan of reopening businesses as soon as possible, we knew we had to take action as to what measures to put in place. After carefully researching CDC, OSHA, and private organizations’ guidelines to learn best practices in the COVID-19 era, we have come up with products and services that can help you as you move to reopen your buildings, offices, and meeting and event spaces while continuing to practice safe social distancing.

Planning Safe Social Distancing

In order to have a safe social distancing plan, you’ll need to examine your space and consider your existing floorplan.  Art of the Event offers safe space consultation to clients to tailor the best safety layout for a meeting space, office building, venue or other institution.  We can consult on how to rearrange your existing floorplan and the elements within to maximize safety. We also offer floorplan generation services for those who need it.

Safety Instructions for Employees and Guests

To fully inform your employees and clients about best practices, we create custom table tents, pamphlets, and kits for public and private spaces. Within these, we have guidelines and directions on how to follow proper social distance, hand washing, and sneeze etiquette while at that facility or event. We can also create welcome and informational boards to display throughout the space.

Room Dividers, Screens, & Walls for Planned Social Distancing

As HR departments, building managers and other company stakeholders consider splitting shifts and some continuation of remote work to lessen congestion in the office and lower room capacities to lessen congestion in venues, Art of the Event provides permanent and temporary acrylic screens and dividers as well as splash shields for cubicles and heavily concentrated areas.  These elements can help people distance even while they are together.  Art of the Event also creates custom room dividers and movable walls for office spaces, meeting rooms, etc.

Other resources we are happy to provide are movable Plexi-guarded registration and medical assistant booths. These can be used for offices and meetings as well as (in the future) your meetings and special events.

Branded Social Distancing Guides

Graphic clings and stickers via floor, wall, or column wraps can guide people as they move through your space.  Directional signage creates one-way “traffic” in narrower hallways, etc.  Similar to these guides, we offer informational stair, elevator and escalator wraps to reinforce your protocols to everyone working in or visiting that facility.

Art of the Event has the unique ability to customize any and all of your guides, informational boards, room dividers, pamphlets, etc.  Our internal graphic design team can work with you to incorporate your logo, colors, and all pertinent information.

Tools and Equipment

Safety comes first so it is important to have certain items available for everyone when they arrive.  Plenty of hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves should be offered freely on-site.

No-touch hand sanitizer stands placed strategically throughout your space help to ensure everyone is sanitizing often.   We also offer temperature monitoring equipment.  Temperature checking facial recognition technology ensures an ill guest or employee can be flagged and sent home without infecting others.  Much like metal detectors, thermal imaging booths also allow for “passive” no-touch temperature checks for larger groups entering a building or venue space. We are also currently studying other technological devices to help you keep your clients, employees, guests, and spaces safe.

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