Creative Ways to Use Fabric at Your Wedding

A successful wedding and reception can require attention to detail in the planning component. Finding the perfect theme, décor, dress, and many other aspects is part of wedding planning. Another element of weddings is finding various ways to use a single material. In cutting costs, it can be beneficial to buy one item in bulk and find multiple ways to put it to work. If you have purchased a large amount of fabric for your wedding at a great price, you can use all of it!


It may seem old-fashioned or obvious but choosing the fabric for your wedding party dresses and tuxes grants you the ability to be in complete control. You can design the exact look you want for your wedding without spending the time to find what you have pictured. An excellent designer can use the perfect fabric to get the match and look you are going for, from the bride’s dress to the ring bearer’s little tux.


Although a fabric shelter won’t keep out any rain, it can be a great hideaway from the sun at a summer outdoor wedding. The proper use of fabric as a shelter can appear classier than an umbrella but serve the same purpose. Consider creating a canopy or teepee as a shelter for a quaint outdoor sitting area or to house the beverages. A cute shelter can really make an impact on an outdoor wedding.


Whether you use a fabric backdrop for the ceremony or a photo station during the reception, it can offer something elegant and appeal to the eye. A single fabric or an intelligent mix of a few can be a great way to break up monotonous décor in some settings. Think about what kind of backdrop you want to achieve – a fun photo booth type of backdrop would likely need a different fabric style than an elegant backdrop behind the wedding cake.


Creative minds can achieve great things with some fabric. Wedding décor can include the following ideas:
Bows on chairs
Table runners
Fabric flowers
Curtains or drapes
Fabric planters or pots

Creating the perfect wedding décor from fabrics can be challenging and fun for the right people. A crafty individual can create beautiful wedding favors using fabrics. Getting creative is ideal for the most innovative and unique wedding experience.

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