Decorate Your Lobby in the Spirit of the Season

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First impressions are always important, so when your guests and clients enter your office make it count! Create a positive and long-lasting impression with decor that brings the spirit of the season into your space!

Our designers recommend keeping the lobby decor elegant and simple. Remember, less is more! If you oversaturate your space with decorations, you risk making it look cluttered and distasteful. The abundance of one decor element over another may offend some groups of people. Keeping it simple helps you avoid overlooking these decorative possibilities.

During the winter season, several holidays are taking place virtually at the same time. Be sensitive to all observers, and don’t forget about incorporating elements like menorahs for Hanukkah and kinaras for Kwanzaa.


The holidays may seem like they’re far away, but time flies! The celebrations are right around the corner, and it’s crucial to start planning early. Start with planning your budget and looking for event designers and decorators.

Brightly lit trees wrapped presents, garland, and ribbon – use traditional decor to warm up your space. Try converting your lobby into a winter wonderland with white birch, sparkling faux snow, and candles to light up the room. Whatever you choose, your lobby decor should reflect your company’s aesthetic.

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Even small touches make a big difference: complement your existing decor with florals or small vignettes. This will help bring a pop of color and holiday cheer to your lobby.


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