Design Tips for Trade Show Booths

Trade show competition is fierce, and grabbing the attention of visitors means leveling up your booth. If you’re looking for new ways to show off your service or product and do a bit of industry networking, you might need to give your booth a bit of a renovation. Here are a few excellent design tips for trade show booths.

Focus on Brand Messaging

When people leave your booth, you want them to remember your company and what it has to offer. Focus on your brand and key messaging and reinforce it where possible. Your key messages should be easily visible, so keep them no lower than three feet up from the floor. Don’t try to pack too much information onto the walls of your limited space; instead, focus on brief messages in large lettering.
Make sure that your branding is consistent everywhere it appears. That means the logo, slogan, coloring, etc., need to be the same, whether they appear on the walls of the booth itself or the frisbees you’re giving away as a freebie.

Know The Zones

It’s true that most trade show booths don’t offer a ton of space, but that just means you have to make the most of what you do have. And for that, you need to know the zones of your booth. For example, the back wall is generally the most critical area in smaller booths. It has the largest usable and visible space for information, branding, and key messages. A larger booth will have more room for design. Check out the visibility from different angles and measure the areas to find which location should contain your primary messaging.

Leave Some Space

Don’t underestimate the power of negative space in a trade show booth. It can be tempting to fill the booth as much as possible to show off your product, but leaving some room for visitors to move freely will make them feel more comfortable.

Get Off-Topic

If you need some extra help getting attention on your booth, try setting up something unrelated in the center. Something funny, interesting, or strange will draw visitors to have a closer look and get to know your product when they arrive.

Focus on Color

How colors are used makes a significant impact on an overall ambiance. For example, restaurants commonly use the color red because it stimulates the appetite. Yellow is an attention-grabbing color, so you’ll see important signage in that color: caution tape, traffic signs, etc.
When choosing colors for your booth, look for warm, inviting colors that draw attention, like the above red and yellow. Blues and greens tend to be more calming, which is nice in a busy trade show but won’t attract attention as much.

Make it Interactive

One of the best things you can do to bring people to your booth is to make it interactive. Set up a game or competition for visitors to try out your product or win branded prizes. Interactivity won’t just get people into the booth – it’ll make them want to stay awhile.

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Designing a great booth for a trade show could make all the difference in the business you receive, so take some time to try out some of the tips above. If you need some more personalized guidance, get in touch with the experts at Art of the Event for professional assistance. Give us a call today at 781-670-9292.

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