Food Tradeshow
Dana Farber Field House, Gillette Stadium

Hometown markets inspired this food tradeshow held at the Dana Farber Field House located on Patriot Place next to Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA. Attendees were wowed by a 50’ ship standing tall in the center of the venue featuring custom nautical themed decor. Custom Store fronts were all made in house by AOTE expert craftsmen. A lobster shack decorated with fishing nets and lobster trap buoys represented seafood and invited folks to sit at the rustic picnic tables. A farmer’s market stand was used for displaying fresh produce and split wood whisky barrel entry ways added to that farm affect. Faux brick walls and columns were used to represent bakery, pizza and subs. Potted plants placed throughout for an organic element with a live cactus and pinnate introducing the Latino food. Large printed landscapes cascading down served as back drops to convey and outdoor feel throughout. All these custom design elements gave this event a true hometown market feel.

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