City Year Starry Night
Seaport World Trade Center

Our friends at City Year came to us with a specific vision in mind. As part of their Starry Night annual event, celebrating the betterment of inner city youth, they wanted a couple different ways to feature their special guests. We were asked to create a gallery style walkthrough, featuring large gallery prints of sponsors and featured guests. The most unique part of the project was the live-streaming photo booth the client had envisioned. They wanted to make the walkthrough interactive for all of the guests, so we collaborated with photo booth company Keopix to sync custom displays up to the photo booth feed. Throughout the event the displays cycled through photos of all the participants, extending the sense of community to everyone involved.

This event gave us the opportunity to create new products and work with a new venue, the Seaport World Trade Center. The client had specific PMS colors that they requested be painted, not printed. Our art department was able to color match and deliver! We did have to get a little creative in finding a safe and inconspicuous means of providing power to the photo booth and displays. We’re proud to say it all went off without a hitch! City Year was very happy with the end results and had this to say:

“I cannot thank you all enough for your work in pulling together our event last night. A great event for City Year, for sure; but, for me it was all about the great and solid team I got to work with! Truly – I appreciate all the effort and care each of you took every step of the way. Many, many thanks for dealing with me and a job superbly done.” – Tara, City Year

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