Engagement Party
ICA I Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston

Art of the Event created a fun and celebratory atmosphere for this engagement party.  All seating was set up along the perimeter of the dance floor to make it a focal point to attendees. White and ghost seating allowed for accents to stand out. AOTE provided the perfect amount of seating to attendees with high tops behind lounges and dining tables near the back of the room. Purple and gold were the colors of the party.  Gold mirrors inserts for coffee tables and the bar, along with the gold mirror bar back, created a contemporary mood.  Hanging above head, were three tier mirror chandeliers to complete the full theme. Tall and short floral centerpieces were accompanied by small candles to make the glow and be visible to party goers. AOTE added small details to the top of coffee tables and flower vases that made big impacts.

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