Fiesta Themed 3rd Birthday Party
Temazcal Tequila Catina, Boston

Art of the Event transformed a beautiful Mexican restaurant into a fiesta for a three year old.  We separated the venue into two areas, one for kids and one for adults, so no one was left out of the fun. The kids section consisted of our kids tables and chairs which is perfect height for them.  We also used two Mexican themed facades to hide restaurant booths and tie together the room. AOTE converted this space into a kid-friendly fiesta with a hand-crafted sombrero piñata and a cactus sandbox.  Colorful striped liens were used on wood tables, hung up, and wrapped around hay barrels, that were accompanied by mini rocking horses.  The adult space included black and green liens with tall lime green centerpieces.  Mini piñatas were hung up behind the bar to add to the fiesta theme.  A bold ceiling treatment of paper balls in lime green, yellow, and orange completed the theme in both areas.

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