Five Elements to Consider When Designing Stages for Online or Hybrid Events 2021

With the rise of online and hybrid events in recent months, one way to keep your audience engaged and interested is by creating a visually exciting virtual event space! We are all used to watching television sets with high production values, and your attendees deserve no less. Here  are a few tips to make your event stand out in the crowd: 

1. Safety First!

Safety precautions are still important to make your hosts and guests feel secure in this pandemic, and masks and distancing on camera signals your responsibility to virtual attendees. Keep your hosts socially distanced in the scene and be sure to enforce Covid-19  protocols before, during, and after your event. 

Some useful guidelines for planning your space: 

Event Planning and Covid-19: Questions and Answers from the CDC 

Massachussetts Saftey Standards and Checklist for Events 

2. Layering Elements



Make your space appealing by layering graphics, set pieces, and lighting effects. 

By using elements of varying sizes and shapes, you can create depth in stages of any size.  Layer elegant drapery and greenery for that Instagram-ready look or create a modern set with sleek columns, dynamic lighting, and oversized graphics. You can even rig banners, screens, or props to ‘float’ above the stage, giving your presenters plenty of room to move around in a  space that feels unique.

Whatever you choose, make sure to think about the whole space from front to back.



3. Modular Sets and Prop Rentals 

Why buy when you can rent? Stay within the budget by renting pre-built props, columns, monitors,  desks, and other components. 

Art of the Event has a large warehouse of props, furniture, and more that we use to build sets that can be customized to fit your branding or theme,

 complete with our professional stage design and set-up. Add an immersive feel to your event with faux facades and columns, or rent customizable desks and tables for your presenters to show off your logo and style. Whatever you have in mind, we can make it happen!




 4. Add textures & Patterns

Give the space a tactile look with dimensional elements that create textures and patterns across your stage. Whether you’re adding a soft, welcoming lounge set for your guests, bold patterned lighting effects, or using shapes to draw the viewer’s eye to your presenter, the textures and patterns of your stage set help direct the narrative of your event. 

  • Fabric! From velvety drape backdrops to linen blankets on your lounge set, to stretched canvas for graphics, the fabric is a classic and affordable way to finish the look.
  • Natural wood brings a rustic look that never goes out of style. Pair with metal elements for an industrial feel, or soften it with greenery. 
  • Add florals or succulents to your desk or lounge area. 
  • Illuminate your stage with GOBOs and breakup lighting effects. 
  • Make it modern with clean lines and patterned graphics

    5. Oversized and multiple screens and projections

Give your audience something to look at! Video and moving graphics give you the opportunity to show dynamic, changing content on multiple screens that your presenters can interact with.  This allows you to show a lot of information quickly, or use movement to draw the eye in. 

Whatever style you decide on for your next online or hybrid event, AotE can help! Contact us today!

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