Fresh Guidelines for Reopening Office Spaces:

While larger companies are rearranging office spaces, installing industrial level air filtration systems, directional signage and safety shields, smaller business owners and individual employees are looking for ways to properly operate in this new Covid 19 era— on lean budgets. Most of us already know we should wear masks, stay a safe six feet away from one another and properly wash our hands. Here are a few additional, easy to implement, low-to-no cost safety tips for all:

  1. Get some Air! The higher the viral load around you, the more likely you can fall ill. Great air circulation literally cleans the air you breathe— fresh air dilutes Covid 19 virus particles (as well as other air borne illness). Fortunately, we are reopening in warmer weather so If you can open your office windows and doors, do it.
  2. If you feel sick, stay home. We all know by now that asymptomatic people can spread corona virus. This is why we are all asked to wear masks. Even so, more virus is shed by symptomatic people because the virus begins to multiply once it enters a host. Even if you don’t think you have Covid, it’s better to err on the safe side. For this reason, employers are all encouraged to loosen their sick day policies.
  3. Use doorstops to keep doors partially open and use your shoulder or arm to move through doorways without touching doorknobs and crash bars.
  4. Leave 65% to 70% alcohol wipes in bathrooms and encourage each other to wipe down sink handles and door locks and handles as they leave. Sanitize bathrooms as often as possible. The same can be said for any commonly touched items: light switches, doorknobs, etc.
  5. Unless your employer is providing you with boxed lunches (lucky you), eat out or bring in your own food. Don’t forget your snacks because the common candy stash will no longer be available. Expect kitchen appliances like microwaves and refrigerators to be unavailable for the time being and plan your food accordingly. Invest in an individual cooler or insulated thermal bag.
  6. Do not share your phone, stapler or any other office supplies with your co-workers. Viruses hover in the air but they land on surfaces. Sanitize desks regularly with alcohol or bleach based cleaners. Wipe down USPS and other delivery boxes before moving them around the office or opening them.
  7. Employers should consider staggering work hours so employees are not funneling in and out of the office at the exact same time. This will ease their ability to keep at least six feet away from one another. This becomes especially important if they must share an elevator on their way to the office.
  8. About those masks: If you use a disposable mask, it should be replaced daily. If you use a cloth mask, it should be washed daily.
  9. Strengthen your immunity by investing in your health. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and lean proteins. Limit your alcohol intake and get your exercise

Bonus Tip: Properly socially distance and wear your masks and gloves when you are not at work to reduce your chances of picking up this virus or any other. If you do so, you’ll be less likely to unwittingly bring it into the office yourself. This is a difficult time for employees and employers alike in our industry. Remember to Be kind— from a distance.

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