How Flowers Make Your Event a Success

Flowers Are a Statement

When thinking about dressing up your event there is a lot to consider such as accessories, tables, chairs, and the decor items. Flowers are a very important part of the equation, whether they are used as center pieces in the design or as an auxiliary item to consider on the tablescape. Flowers are a statement. They represent elegance, luxury life and of course each of our clients personality.
Flowers can provide a wide range of colors, shapes, and volume that provoke feelings and memories. A smell can transport us to a specific day and situation, they can remind someone of a specific person or occasion. There are different ways to use flowers and greenery on each of the events, ways to mix flowers or use a wide-range of them to add some touches of color. Depending on the season you can take advantage of the seasonal flowers within your clients budget!

Flowers in Display

Watching the reactions of clients and guests as they first set eyes on the flower displays never gets old. A professional team will be able to personalize each of the events we design, we love to make the colors, shapes and structures fit into the vision. No matter if you are using a neutral color palette or a very bright color for a Ceremony we are able to merge different styles, flowers, structures and many other elements to make each arrangement your own. Light is a great way to enhance the colors and brightness of the flowers, as the “illuminating” colors.

Re-design Your Flowers

Reusing flowers throughout the night, when thinking about florals you can always re-design, using unique vessels/vases to give them a new touch and ambience. Florals are very malleable and we are able to make a completely new look with the same flowers. The variety of color is always very exciting to design and reposition on the events.

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