How to Include Branding at Corporate Events

Corporate events are an opportunity to gather employees, current customers, and prospective clients together. You can use this publicity to your branding advantage. You must be cautious to do so subtly, without annoying, or pushing away potential clients.
It is possible to use corporate events as an opportunity to showcase public relations, increase consumer engagement, and improve your brand image.
It can take be hard work to include branding at corporate events but is possible with a little creative planning. The following informational guide was developed to help organizations showcase their brand effectively at events while keeping attendees happy.

Branding on Corporate Gifts

Those attending your event will love the free gifts they receive just for showing up. Use this opportunity to showcase your brand logo. Choose a unique gift that will be well-received and used by attendees.
Ideas Could Include:

– Bluetooth Earbuds
– Speakers
– Water Bottles
– Thermos
– Lunch Boxes

Be sure to prepare enough of these gifts for everyone who will be attending the event to avoid this tactic backfiring.

Incorporate Your Company Logo

There are clever ways to incorporate your company’s logo throughout an event that isn’t obnoxious. You can put your logo on banners and gifts but should then find subtle ways to incorporate it into your theme.
Unique ways to incorporate your logo could include:

– Try coordinating the colors of your drapes and tablecloths with your logo colors.
– Use your products to create unique centerpieces or floral arrangements.
– Use company logo colors in your food color design.
– Add your logo on dessert plates.
– Invest in branded utensils or glassware.

You can also create a party theme based on the unique products or services that your organization markets. Themes can be a fun way to engage prospective clients and current employees. Notify attendees of the theme so that they can dress accordingly and implement the theme throughout all of your design elements.

Photo Op Zones

You can designate areas at your event as photo-opportunity zones. Those attending your event will love to take pictures in these areas and likely share them on social media. Be sure you have developed a hashtag for the name of your event to increase the likelihood that your organization will be tagged.

Create an Event Game

Create a game to be played during your event and develop a hashtag for the game. Share #(game name) on social media, along with relevant prizes, before your event is set to take place. Then, during the event, give bonus points to teams and/or individuals who take a pic in the photo op area the hashtag. Double win.

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