How To Transform Your Backyard Into Your Dream Wedding Venue

Weddings are a special day for sure and where the wedding takes place is a part of that. Many famous and extravagant weddings have taken place in personal backyards. Today it is even more acceptable for a wedding and reception to be in someone connected to the wedding’s backyard. Having a backyard wedding can be wonderful, intimate, and personal. There are a few things to consider to ensure that your backyard wedding is perfect.


The wedding date is important not only to the couple but to the success and them of the wedding. It may be hard to have a Hawaiian theme wedding if it’s flurrying outside. The date will dictate what the weather will be like and how convenient it is for people to attend. Today many people have more flexibility as more people are working from home. Weekday weddings are acceptable.

Plan The Space

The backyard can hold both the ceremony and reception. The key to this is separating the two into different areas if possible. This separation will make the ceremony and reception feel more individually unique and can separately be more personalized. When designing, it is also important to try to account for the number of people and a good flow of traffic to prevent bunching. Have the area move from big to small as the night progresses. This smaller reception will help make a more intimate and controlled setting and will make better use of the backyard area, even if small.

Design It

The wedding should have a theme and look chosen by the bride and groom. This personalized look can be accomplished using seasonal colors or unique decor. When selecting the area’s look, be sure to test the lighting for the time of day the wedding will take place. It is essential to see what the designs will look like on the day of the event. These designs and areas will be a part of the pictures, so planning the lighting ahead of time is important.


Make a plan ahead of time for how to address the ground during the wedding. A dance floor may be needed or some other surface for people to stand on. A muddy wedding reception is a dangerous mess. A dance floor can provide a safe surface and focus people into a specific area for congregation and dancing. If there will be soft or earthy ground in parts of the reception, it is best to advise guests ahead to plan for alternate footwear. Cheap flip-flops can be provided as a part of the reception to address this issue proactively and in a fun way.


All the wedding details can be customized by the couple in a backyard ceremony and reception. This means that everything being used should be chosen and have some meaning or purpose for the bride and groom. Formality is entirely in the hands of the couple. Formal can be traded in for a more personalized experience, such as using unique previously owned drinkware or newly gifted china during the reception.

Be Prepared

The weather can become a factor in backyard weddings. Therefore planning and ensuring that it won’t ruin the plans is necessary. Having a large standby tent on hand in case of rain is a smart practice. Tents can be adorned with decor ahead of time so that if put to use, they will blend right in and look better in photos. Ponchos or umbrellas can also be purchased beforehand and stored in case of rain to ensure the party can continue and clothes don’t get ruined.

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