Keeping Your Restaurant Safe During Covid-19

Covid-19 has presented a lot of restaurant owners with many challenges. Whether your restaurant is getting ready to re-open or you’re looking for some extra safety precautions, My Safe Meeting is here to help! Our social distancing products can give restaurant owners some solutions to make sure your restaurant is safe for all your guests and employees. Here are some tips and products we can offer you to help! 

Signage to the Outside of your Restaurant

Make communication with your customers easy by adding outdoor signage to your restaurant. You can post that the restaurant is indeed open, that you offer curbside pickup, and that you offer delivery options as well. You can also use this signage to remind customers to wear their masks and to stay 6 feet apart. By displaying this information outside, potential customers who walk by your restaurant will know everything you’re offering. So whether they choose to go in right away or not, they’ll know the options they have for your restaurant and your policies.

Protective Partitions and Barriers Between Tables

Adding partitions or barriers between tables in your restaurant is a must. This will reduce the spread of germs being circulated in the air. We offer custom booth dividers as well as 4-way dividers for the tables themselves. We also offer sink dividers for your bathroom! We have many options and can help install these for you easily. 

booth divider partition

Standing Divider Walls 

To take the barriers a step further, we also offer standing dividing walls for you to place wherever you think might need some more isolation. These are extremely easy to move around yourself so you can place them wherever you see fit any day. 

standing room divider

No Touch Hand-Sanitizing Station & Banner

It’s a good idea to place hand sanitizing stations in your restaurant’s high trafficked areas. This could include your front door, outside the bathroom, or any other area you see fit. Adding a banner to your sanitizing station can also make it stand out to customers so that they are more likely to use it. It’s easy to just walk by a sanitizer station if it’s just standing alone, but adding a banner will make the area pop and get people’s attention. 

no-touch hand sanitizer

Contact My Safe Meeting in Boston

If you’re interested in any of these products or the many products presented on our website to help with social distancing and keeping your customers safe, contact us! We will give you insight on prices as well as schedule to install these products for you. We’ll help make this process easier for you. Give us a call at 978-267-1080 to inquire!

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