Key Wedding Trends of 2017

You’ve had all winter to browse Pinterest, ask friends and family members for opinions, and perhaps do a bit of shopping. But now is the time to really buckle down and make some decisions on what you want your wedding to look and feel like. If you still feel a bit overwhelmed by your options, we’re here to give you some insight on what this year’s biggest wedding trends are.

The Comeback of Earthy Colors

As springtime goes into full swing, everything is in bloom with soft pastel colors and hundreds of shades of green and earthy tones. Opt for soft, earthy colors for your springtime wedding color scheme so you and your guests can feel relaxed and refreshed. Light green, beige and pastel accents on tables look great against white or off-white table cloths.

weddingbuffetThe Rejection of Wedding Traditions

Traditions? Couples want to start their own now; the excitement in the room when the bride throws the bouquet or the tears being shed from laughing during the removal of the garder are history for some. BUT, do not worry, couples have begun their own traditions that are catching on quickly; such as wedding weekends or custom menus (including late night snacks….yum!). There are so may unique and fun ways to make your wedding one to remember, dig deep and really make it your special day!

Social Media

like-1804599_640Safe to say social media has taken over the world as we know it! Some may say “Oh no!” but we say “Oh yes!” Social Media has brought a whole new light to the wedding world. Facebook and Instagram live give those who couldn’t make it the privilege of a sneak peek. Customize these shared moments on Snapchat by designing your own filter for your guests to use throughout the day! And of course you NEED your own wedding hashtag! Utilize a funky and couple appropriate name so you are able to look back at all of your guests photos shared throughout the ceremony and reception. The possibilities with social media are endless!!

The Themed Wedding

If you’re really looking to push the envelope for your wedding this season, opt for a themed wedding. For couples who are both passionate about the same thing (a book, a movie, a song, an idea), a themed wedding is a great opportunity to showcase your cute and quirky side. You’d be surprised how into it your guests will be! Our Boston wedding event planning company has designed and implemented dozens of themed weddings. It’s important to make sure you have a professional event planning company with an eye for perfection and creativity work with you to make your dream theme come alive.

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