How To Make Corporate Branding Stand Out

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Corporate branding is a crucial part of any successful corporate event. It makes a lasting impression on the guests and positions your company for success. Corporate branding is the company’s public image portrayed through a company’s logos, colors and messaging and is designed to make a lasting impact on the consumer. Events are the ideal location to communicate your branding to consumers and make a lasting impression. Leading up to an event, branded social media marketing creates excitement and familiarizes the public with your company. This is important to make a positive impact as you want to build anticipation leading up to the event.

Corporate Branding: Building Anticipation

• Using count down images on Instagram and Facebook the week leading up to the event builds anticipation and can highlight different images, parts of your event, or the past year’s event.
• Publishing speaker profiles in the weeks leading up to the event attracts the speaker’s followers as well as other people interested in the topic.
• Having a range of promotional images keeps people’s attention and prevents redundancy.

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Corporate Branding: At The Event

• Branded graphics placed around the venue keeps your company front and center throughout the event. Using a company’s existing logo will help with name recognition later down the line.
• Center-pieces on cocktail tables are a great place to put your company logo and add detail to the event using company colors.
Lighting and decor colors can compliment or match a company’s logo and marketing.

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