New Fall & Winter Event Themes

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Fall and winter is a great time for both private and corporate events. Not only are there numerous holidays to incorporate into your theme, but also seasons to work with when it comes to event decor and design. The goal is to spark conversation between your guests and make the entire event an interactive one. If you’re looking to really wow your guests with an out-of-the-box theme, below are a few ideas Art of the Event has designed for past events.

2018 Fall & Winter Event Theme Ideas

  1. Day of the Dead Themed Event.

There’s no better feeling than a family celebration. Bring that feeling of belonging and family to your next event while celebrating the past and the future with our Day of the Dead theme. With our larger than life sugar skulls and festive floral arrangements, your event’s decor is sure to stand out.

  1. Alice In Wonderland Themed Event.

Fall down the rabbit hole and join Alice on a trip through wonderland. Art of the Event will help you shrink down to enjoy the magic of wonderland with our eye-catching florals and custom graphics

  1. Star Wars Themed Event.

Realize your childhood dream of flying the Millennium Falcon and jumping to light-speed at your fall and winter events. Our Star Wars and galaxy themed decor will make that galaxy far far away appear at any venue. Art of the Event’s custom fabrication team can build spacecrafts and decor that will engage your guests and create an unforgettable experience.

  1. Royal/British Themed Event.

Let’s face it, we all are obsessed with royal weddings. Why not bring that regal charm to your Fall or Winter event. Art of the Event will ensure that all of your guests get the royal treatment on their trip across the pond. Imagine dining like the cast of The Crown at the royal table or being a guest at the royal wedding-with our full service event planning company the possibilities are endless.


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