Our Artist Spotlight: Brian Sage

Brian Sage artworkWe are very lucky to work with a group of experienced and talented artists to help us create some of our elaborate décor pieces for weddings and events.
We work extensively with a crew of:

  • Master Artisans
  • Carpenters
  • Florists
  • Graphic Designers
  • Sound and Lighting Technicians
  • Experienced Event Producers



One of our artists that we have worked very closely with is Brian Sage, who describes himself as an American Impressionist. His stunning artwork has the ability to capture the viewer in and guides their eyes through any of his paintings. Last year, Brian was inducted to The Copley Society of Artists (CoISo). He just finished his three series of art festivals down in Florida and will be returning to New England as the weather turns warmer for Spring.

Brain has recently helped us create our brand new line of Artisans Bars that are available for a variety of different events. The unique artisan bar options are Beach Wave Scene, Winter Mountain, and Western Hills. All these artisan bars come with a customizable built- in LED light rail that showcases the artwork and makes any event that much more unique!

Our employees are all brilliant at what they do and with all their hard work we are able to offer our extensive customization services. If you are interested in one of our Artisan Bars for your next event, contact Art of the Event at 781.670.9292 or request more information online!

hand painted artisan bar hand painted artisan bar


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