Plexiglass Barriers Are Up to Stop the Spread of Viruses – Do They Actually Work? 

In the last 6 months, we’ve seen plexiglass partitions put up everywhere! They’re in grocery stores, reception desks, restaurants, on political debate stages, etc. The thinking is that these barriers will help prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, do they actually work? While we’ve seen these partitions put up everywhere, we have also continued seeing COVID-19 cases rise. Here is some information we have found. 

Plexiglass Can Prevent Close-Range Transmission

When people are close together in public settings, plexiglass partitions can definitely give you some protection. The partitions will block large droplets that leave your mouth and nose when you talk, cough, or sneeze. However, experts say that even if you are in a setting that has plexiglass partitions, you still need to have a mask on. 

Why isn’t Plexiglass Totally COVID Proof? 

While the plexiglass will shield you and others from large droplets, it won’t shield you from all the particles and germs in the air. It’s simply inevitable that small droplets and particles will make their way into the air and then continue to float around. The partitions aren’t magic, the particles will float around them too. As mentioned above, this is why other precautions are necessary as well such as masks, social distancing, opening doors and windows for more airflow, etc. 

Installing Plexiglass & Barriers

Even though we have found that plexiglass won’t 100% protect one from COVID-19, it is still a valuable and necessary precaution. The more precautions you take the better, right? Here are some of the options we have that we would be more than happy to provide to you and help you install. 

3 Sided Reception Desk Barrier

This barrier can be customized to fit any space you need. We can also customize them to include cut-outs for passing along important information and forms. 

3 sided barrier

Hanging Buffet Sneeze Guards

No matter what type of food facility you run, these sneeze guards are a great way to protect your staff and customers. They can be hung from drop ceilings with light-weight chains. 

buffet hanging plexiglass

Bathroom Sink Dividers

Using the bathroom is something you can’t always avoid in a public setting. These sink dividers will help keep your bathrooms safe and help your customers feel more at ease. 

bathroom sink dividers


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