Social Distancing Shields and Dividers

Help maintain social distancing and physical separation by installing shields & dividers in the office, school classrooms, nursing homes, medical facilities, event venues, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and anywhere else you may need! Take a look at our selection and contact us for pricing and estimated delivery/installation dates.

Office Barrier with Clamps

Plexiglass or Acrylic panels attached to sturdy metal clamps keeps your shields from falling or moving out of place. Our custom clamping system works on almost all desks and tables.  They are easily removable resulting in no short or long term furniture damage! 

Example Pricing: 
24” x 24”  with (2) clamping mechanisms: $70.00
36” x 24”  with (2) clamping mechanisms: $95.00
36” x 36”  with (2) clamping  mechanisms:$130.00

All custom sizes available! Call us for Pricing

Free Standing Room Dividers

You don’t have to sacrifice capacity to comply with social distancing measures. Custom room dividers are free standing and have a clear acrylic panels to seamlessly blend into your venue, lobby hotel, museum or restaurant’s aesthetic.

Example Pricing:  
48” x 72” Panel with 48” x 48” Plexi Top:  $430.00
72” x 72” panel with 48 x 72” Plexi Top:    $625.00

Custom sizes, materials and pricing are available.  Call us for details!

Hanging Reception Barrier With Welcome Graphics

Keep your staff and your customers safe with lightweight welcome reception hanging shields. Customize your barrier with welcome signage or your brand’s logo.

Example Pricing: 
48” x 24” Comes with painted railing and chains for hanging:  $150.00

Custom sizes and installation services are available.  Vinyl graphics are an optional up-charge. Call us for Pricing and details. 

Desk & Cubicle Extenders

As we all go back into the office, keep everyone safe at their desks with plexiglass desk extensions and clamps. Office cubicle shields add an additional layer of protection for your employees.  These desk extension units add the additional height required for a safe environment while allowing visibility throughout the office.

Example Pricing:
36” x 30”:  $90.00 per unit

Additional sizes are available.  Call us for a custom quote or a consultation to keep your office employees and guests safe from viruses and airborne illness!

Hanging Buffet Sneeze Guards

Whether you run a restaurant, hotel or event facility, Buffet Sneeze guards AKA Splash shields are the perfect way to protect staff and customers. These shields can be hung from drop ceilings with light-weight chains.

Example Pricing:
72” x 36”:  $300.00 including painted top and hanging chains

Installation services are available. Call for details.

School Nurse’s Shields

Small hanging shields keep nurses, doctors and other health professionals safe while examining children.  Hanging or desk mounted barriers limit close contact between children, nurses and other health care professionals.

Example Pricing:
36” x 24”:  $110.00 with cut out included

Custom sizes are available.  Call us for pricing and additional options!

4 Way Cafeteria Barriers

Food courts, school cafeterias and medical testing areas can use these sneeze guards/ shields for safety.

Example pricing:
for 24” x 36” conjoined unit  $150.00

Meeting Table Barriers with Clamps

These safety shields make in person meetings safer!  Desk barriers are available in custom sizes to fit any space.

Example Pricing:
24” x 36”:  $95.00

3 Sided Reception Desk Barrier

Our large reception desk shields are customized with cut outs for passing along information and forms.

Example pricing: 
60” x 42” x (2) 18” sides with cut out:  $400.00
60” x 42” no sides with cut out:  $275.00

Custom sizes and styles are available.  Call us for details and pricing.

Front Clamp Buffet Shield

Buffet splash shields (also known as sneeze guards) are a must have for every caterer,  hotel, restaurant and venue! Your customers can choose their food safely from behind an acrylic shield. Our clamps secure your sneeze and splash guards firmly to any standard buffet table and they can be removed and reused at any time.

Pricing with reusable clamping system for 6’ x 30” table:  72” x 42”:  $275.00
Pricing with reusable clamping system for 8’ x 30” table: 96” x 42”:  $355.00

Mobile Freestanding Room Dividers

Custom dividers with locking casters create safe zones that can be reconfigured as needed. Easily move these dividers at any time to create the layout that you need to keep your customers and staff safe.

Prices start at $635.00 depending on preferred materials. Call for additional details and pricing!

3 Sided Student Barriers
Optional: Student Name Decals

Both parents and students want kids to remain safe in the classroom.  Our safety shields come in various sizes and shapes and can be customized for your school, college or university’s needs. Optional vinyl graphic add ons brand the units. 

Example pricing:
Three sided self standing unit: 36W x 24H x 18”:  $215.00  
One sided clamp on Unit:  36” x 24”: $95.00 per unit

Additional sizes and styles available.  Call for pricing.   Graphic applications are an optional add-on.

Hanging Shield with Opening

Food providers can keep their employees and their customers safe with hanging shields that limit direct human exposure. Food and drinks can be safely slid through pass throughs.

Example pricing: 
48” x 42” with painted top piece and lightweight chains:  $215.00

Additional sizes, custom graphics and installation services are available.  Call for details.

Waiting Room Standing Dividers

Plexiglass dividers help keep both clients and employees safe in Doctor, Dentist, Law offices and other waiting rooms and reception areas.  Custom dividers with applied graphics brand your dividing shields for your company.

Example pricing:
48” x 72”: $430.00 

Custom sizes, styles and materials are available.  Locking casters are an optional upgrade. Call for details.

Desk Barriers With Clamps

Bank teller lines, cashier stations, and ticket booths may be small and cramped but these dividers shield employees in small spaces. Your front desk or reception booth shields can be secured with our removable clamping systems.

Example pricing:
24” x 32”:  $85.00 per unit

Custom sizes and styles are available. Call for additional options.

Medical Office Barrier with Clamps

Medical Office Barriers can be free standing or we can use our patented clamping system to secure to most desks for extra stability.  Cut out pass throughs are available for delivering medications, assessing injuries or simply passing along documents.

Example pricing:
36” x 36”  with pass through:  $130.00

Addition styles and sizes are available.  Call for details and pricing.

Small Area Desk Barriers with Clamps

Small weighted clamps with light-weight barriers allow safer side by side activity.

Example pricing:
24” x 42”:  $105.00 per unit

Custom sizes are available.  Call us for details.

Custom Booth Dividers

Custom cut out booth dividers secure booths to help restauranteurs, food providers and venue managers maximize their capacity!  The dividers can also be personalized for your space to match your establishment’s aesthetic.

Depending on preferred materials and sizes, prices start at $570.00.  Call for a consultation and additional information.  Installation services are also available!

Multi-way Meeting Barriers

Make sure everyone stays safe when together for collaborative meetings! Multi-way dividers can be customized for office desks, cafeteria tables and conference tables.

Example pricing:
Self Standing Conjoined 48” x48” unit:  $200.00

Custom sizes are available.  Call for details and pricing.

Bathroom Sink Dividers

Sink dividers help keep your washrooms and bathrooms save for restaurants, stores, hotels and other venue who cater to larger groups of people customers.

Example Pricing:
24” x 42” $105.00 per unit.

Additional sizes and installation services are available.  Call for pricing and details

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