Specialty Furniture in Wilmington, MA

Want to customize your event even further? Add custom specialty furniture to your occasion with your brand, message, or theme incorporated! Custom furniture adds to the look and feel of your event, while enhancing the experience of your attendees, and is a fantastic way to promote sponsorships. Specialty furniture is the perfect way to grab your audience’s attention while also creating a fun, interactive way to enhance a message or theme.

We have a wide array of furniture you can choose from to create perfect conversation spaces, meeting rooms, or table seating. Give every attendee the best seat in the house!

Why Art of the Event?

Our founding partners have more than 25 years of event planning and production services under their belts; You can be confident that your event is in trustworthy hands. We have a talented in-house team of designers, producers, fabricators, and artisans to create custom designs and interactive decor for private events, corporate events, and non-profit organizations. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your next event unforgettable!

Art of the Event Specialty Furniture Include:

Dining and Bar Seating
Dining and Bar Hightops
Dining & Share Tables
Black Seating
Brown Seating
Gray Seating
White Seating
Misc. Seating

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