Spreading Joy with Power of Flowers

By: Cierra Dubinsky & Alanna Lynch

man looking at flowers

The positive effects of flowers are immeasurable; they can brighten up a room, someone’s mood, and promote healing. They offer vibrant colors, fragrant smells, and a small reminder of the beauty of the world around us. Flowers are a celebration, and naturally, an important part of what we do at Art of the Event Inc.

Our florists are passionate about creating arrangements that perfectly capture the essence of whatever event they are featured at. But what happens to these fresh flowers when the event is over? Most companies and venues simply discard them without a second thought. We at Art of the Event Inc. want to avoid waste and spread as much happiness as possible; that’s why we’ve partnered with the Power of Flowers Project, founded by Joyce Bellefeuille.

two ladies behind bouquets

Located in Tewksbury MA and home to 75 volunteers, the Power of Flowers project takes lightly used flowers from events and services and delivers replenished bouquets to anyone who needs a smile. In their own words, they are “one small effort to reuse something beautiful and bring joy to others.”

bouquets of flowers

Not only does this project better the lives of surrounding communities, but it is done in a sustainable fashion. The Power of Flowers “renews and refreshes gently used flowers, recycled from weddings, banquets, business conferences, memorial services—any event where flowers are left behind or tossed in the trash while they are still fresh.” By reusing flowers, they are saving land, money, and water used to grow and maintain new flowers!

Art of the Event Inc. is thrilled to be donating to this admirable project. Every time flowers or centerpieces return to our warehouse, they find new homes with Power of Flowers. Want to help the Power of Flowers flourish even more? Click here to contribute! “Making a difference, one flower at a time.”

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