Custom Stages & Stage Sets for Events

Keeping audiences engaged is a challenge even for the most enigmatic speakers. Set the right tone for your event using a custom stage and stage set, guaranteed to hold the audience’s attention. The stage at your event should evoke your program’s theme and brand at all times.

Here are our Top 5 Pro tips to make your event stage the best possible:

  1. NOT TO BE LOFTY, BUT: The height of the stage is very crucial for any event or corporate conference. You want to make sure your audience is comfortable; it’s recommended that the stage is at least 12 inches high off the ground, allowing the audience members to have a good line of sight. For larger events, typically the stage should be 3-4 feet high off the ground to elevate the speakers and presentation.
  2. BE ACCESSIBLE: It’s important to have a stage that is easily accessible for all types of people! Think of who needs to come on stage, and from where. If you know that there will be audience members called on stage it is critical that the stage is fully accessible to everyone.
  3. SIZE DOES MATTER: The size of the stage is another aspect that you need to take into consideration. Depending how many speakers you plan on having at your events it’s important to have an appropriate stage size. If there will be multiple guests on stage, you need to have a stage large enough to accommodate them.
  4. MAKE IT MEMORABLE: The decor and design you add to your stage must be large and easy for your audience to see and understand. Custom stage sets are the best way to incorporate these into your presentation. A quality, branded stage set leaves the biggest, best impression on an audience.
  5. SHINE ON: A custom stage set is much more than just a background. There may be a variety of on-stage elements that are not all created equal, so a well-lit stage and stage set is key to a perfect presentation. You want your brand to be visible to the audience at all times, however, it is important that your speaker(s) remain the focal point.

At Art of the Event, we’ve been perfecting custom stages and stage sets for years, and we have a variety of solutions for your event needs. We have a clever Creative Director and a team of talented in-house artists that can design your perfect stage set. If you are interested in stages and stage sets, contact us at 781.670.9292 or request more info online


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