Stay Safe With Social Distancing Products

Businesses are beginning to open back up and it is important to make sure your business is a safe place for customers. How do you ensure a safe place for your customers? Social distancing products are available to assist. Products such as hand sanitizing stations, room dividers, shields, safety signs, etc. will help make customers feel safe and also increase the amount of business you get. Customers are looking for safe establishments so if your business follows safety protocols, customers are more likely to visit. Here are some of the popular social distancing products that will help you accomplish your business safety goals. 

Safety Shields 

Not everything can be done from a distance so safety shields often come in handy. Safety shields can be used when checking out a customer at a store, serving a customer food, working 1-1 with someone in a classroom, examining people at doctors or nurses offices, etc. These tasks are impossible to do if 6ft apart so safety shields are here to be that barrier to ensure the transaction and encounter happen safely. 

shield between nurse and patient

Hand Sanitizing Stations

Customers often like to take a good look at things before they make a purchase. In order to do that they need to pick up the item. Customers will also need to carry around a cart if they plan on getting multiple items. This all means that customers will be touching things in your business that other customers have most likely touched before. In order to stay safe and keep germs away, hand sanitizing stations are a must. Providing hand sanitizing stations will let customers feel safe when touching things throughout your store. If your business is not a store where people will be touching items, hand sanitizing stations are still encouraged as touching anything other people come in contact with can transfer germs and viruses. 

sanitizing station

These hand sanitizing dispensers are visible and easily accessible. Purchase one to put at the front door of your business so that all incoming and outgoing customers can sanitize their hands to keep safe. 

Safety Signs

People are still getting used to social distancing and making sure they are safe in public settings. By creating safety signs for your business, you can help guide people throughout your store or business in the safest way possible. Safety signs can be stickers for the floor directing customers which way to walk, they can be posters explaining to customers your store rules and health tips, they can be signs on a door to signal which way customers should enter and exit, etc. 

safety signs

Room Dividers

Room dividers are ideal for hotels, restaurants, retail stores, office spaces, airports, public restrooms, etc. Room dividers help businesses who don’t want to sacrifice capacity in order to stay socially distanced. They can be custom made to fit your business aesthetic and fit any area you need them to be placed in. 

room dividers


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My Safe Meeting is here to provide your business with all of the social distancing products it needs to stay safe and clean during this time. Along with the products listed above, we also have many other products to purchase such as UV lights, antibacterial copper film, UVC charging stations, desk & cubicle extenders, and more! Take a look at all of our products and contact us today for more information such as pricing and installation details. 


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