Summer Event Trends for 2016


If you’re hosting a summer event or party this summer, you want to make sure you that yours stands out from all the rest! There are endless opportunities for you to ensure that your guest enjoys themselves and have a memorable experience.  If you want to start getting more creative and unique for your summer events, we are here to help you with a few summer event trends!

  • Build Your Own Bars

This is a trendy feature to have at your summer event  because it’s easy, interactive, fun way to display and serve food to your guests. These unique build your own bars also referred to as food bars help engage attendees to customize their meal. You can have this feature at more than just your summer events, it would be great for any theme event. Fun themes include a picnic, BBQ, New Year’s Eve party, birthday party, Cinco de Mayo, baby or bridal shower, and weddings!

Examples: Cupcake bar, clambake bar, taco bar, mimosa bar, burger bar, lemonade bar, loaded mashed potato bar, omelet bar, bloody Mary bar, hot chocolate bar, nacho bar, candy bar, etc.

  1. Nostalgia Marketing

This trend will take people back to a simpler, fun time whether they lived in that time period or not, because everyone can feel the same sense of unity and common ground. Nostalgia Marketing is great for employee bonding, interactive team building, family friendly, and corporate outings/events. Companies use nostalgia marketing as a way to increase perceived organizational support; the degree to which employees believe an organization values their contribution and cares about their well-being, and make for a very memorable event.

Examples: Games: Twister, Jenga, Checkers, Hula Hoops, Corn Hole, Connect Four, & PacMan

Themes: Decades, Roaring 20s, 80s, 90s, Back to the Future, Super Mario, etc.

Music: Spice Girls, MC Hammer, TLC, Backstreet Boys, Pat Benetar, Whitney Houston, & Queen.

  1. High-Sensory Experience

High- sensory experience can increase in the demand of attendees for a memorable, interactive experience. Attendees do not just want a dinner or meeting when they go out, but an experience. Companies now want to create a memorable event focused on attendee engagement that leads to employees greater perceived organizational supports; the degree to which employees believe an organization values their contribution and cares about their well-being. In turn, this increases event ROI, job involvement, motivation, and performance.

Examples: Implementing themes, games, challenges or competitions, unique and new venues, music, transforming the venue space with the decor and customized branding, social media engagement, etc.

  1. Color Branding

This feature is trending because color branding helps to create a “WOW-factor” at any event. You can use matching decor, flower arrangements, linen, table settings, the color of the lighting and furniture to brand your event like you brand your company. Color sets the mood of your event and impacts attendees both consciously and unconsciously. Customized branding can transform the event and add a personal touch.

Examples: Specific colors have a psychological impact; blue is calming, red is exciting, white is refreshing, etc.

  1. Non-floral Centerpieces

Incorporating non-floral centerpieces can help create a unique atmosphere and eye-catching to all. These centerpieces are a great, affordable and inexpensive alternative to floral arrangements.

Examples: Candles, mismatched modern lighting, balloons, assorted glassware, string lights, paper lanterns, fresh fruit arrangements, etc.

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