The Future is Hybrid


There has been a nonstop bridging of the virtual and online world. The reality is that every day something new is in development while something has already made its way into our lives. Humans will always look for the “shortest way from point A to point B,” which paves the way for innovation.

However, we are not talking about some “techy” gadget or a new social media platform. In fact, we are talking about something that reflects the necessity of today’s modern tech-hungry world during the global pandemic.

Hybrid Events, what are they?

An event at a physical venue with online viewers leads to what many people may call a “hybrid” event. This simply entails an event organizer utilizing many tools and facilities at their disposal to make the event more accessible. Therefore, they allow the audience to access the event regardless of their location.

Benefits of Hybrid Events

Hybrid events offer a multitude of benefits over regular events, especially during the current days of the pandemic.  Here are some of the best advantages that they offer.

  • Travel Costs Reduction

Your audience might want to experience your event through the comfort of their house. Maybe because they are ill or due to some other health conditions, they cannot travel. Or perhaps, their corporate travel spending doesn’t allow them.

  • Vast Audience Reach

You can easily guess how this is possible, right? Well, this does not imply that you have to split your audience from in-person to online in a “half” manner. In fact, you can increase the number of your attendees, bringing more attention to the event.

  • Engagement Opportunities

The plethora of features available as an online attendee is of paramount importance. Collecting polls, distributing questionnaires, and receiving feedback with comments becomes very easy for the event hosts.

  • Natural and Environmental Concerns

This is an essential point for hybrid events. As the attendees of a hybrid event may increase, the travel costs and pollution from it may not. The increasing online presence also makes hosting an event a limited number of in-person audience members easier.

Misconceptions about Hybrid Events

Do not consider every live streaming from any platform of the internet as a “hybrid event.” Furthermore, it is critical to realize that the priorities of the in-person and online audience should not vary. That is, you should consider all the attendees equally valuable.

Contact Art of the Event in Boston

Do not stop yourself from hosting a hybrid event. Even if you have not heard of it or organized one before, there are ways to go around it. During this global pandemic (COVID-19), it might be the right time to utilize the potential benefits of hybrid events. You not only get to keep your existing customers but gain more as well.

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