The Hub and Spoke Method for Larger Events

As we all know, COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the event industry. The industry as we know it is no longer—at least for now. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t reinvent and change it for the better! While the last year has been tough, it has led us to explore different approaches to recreate the results that live gatherings offer. 

In order to successfully plan large events during this time, it’s important to utilize both digital and live tools to add real value to our events. Over the next few years, even if planners put together the most amazing events, there will still be some hesitation and fear from attendees. By planning digitally live gatherings we can ease people’s fears and allow them to be able to participate without the need for long-distance travel. The quality of events and how safe they are will be a driving force for success. 

What is the Hub and Spoke Method? 

David Adler has put together a paradigm called the hub and spoke method. Before COVID-19, the goal of most events was to create intimacy in large groups. The hub and spoke method allows for this but in a different way! His idea was that for an event for say 5,000, a planner can break up the event into smaller groups within local venues. These venues would all be connected through A/V so they can interact with one another. The main stage area with the Keynote speakers, etc., would be the Hub- the localized gatherings are the spokes. This method creates the emotion and level of intimacy of a large gathering while keeping attendee numbers within local safety guidelines. 


The Basic Elements in the Hub & Spoke Method Network

  • Venues and individuals are connected through virtual “bridges” or A/V and streaming platforms
  • A main “Hub” venue has the primary stage. This can be the venue that presenters and leaders attend
  • Satellite “spoke” locations will enable smaller groups in venues 
  • People attending from home can gather in small groups or individually to attend the event
  • Utilize technology to bring individuals, spokes, and hubs together
  • Utilize spatial computing to connect with virtual attendees
  • Have on-stage presentation synthesizers to interpret key information and relay it to audience members
  • Deploy tools such as emotional recognition technology for speakers and organizers to read the room
  • Have all hubs and spokes offer food and beverage that can be safely delivered to attendees.  
  • Turn hallways into exhibit halls using spatial computing technology that will allow passersby to interact

Adjusting to the new way our industry will work is important as this is how large events will likely continue in the future. Connecting people in smart ways will never go out of style! By utilizing technology, we can change the way we plan events for the better! For more information, contact us today!

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