The Importance of Stage Design

Stage design, also known as set design, scenic design or productive design, is the overall creative look of an event. You can set any stage for success with the right scenery, backdrop, visual technology, furniture, stage risers, and lighting. Great stage design immediately lays out the tone of your meeting and your attendees exceptions. The scene you set can speak volumes about who you are. At the very least your stage design should always apply to your general session.
Ideally, the design can be incorporated into each aspect of the event. That includes the registration room, tracks or breakdown rooms, networking locations, dining rooms, and even off-site activity locations.

Stage Design As Branding

The first and most important element of stage design is branding. If you were to attend a Nike conference, you would expect to see their name and iconic swoosh logo everywhere. Incorporated into their backdrops, presentation graphic and video, digital prints, even lanyard and badges. Whether those specific items actually appear at their event is not the point. The point is that Nike understands the importance of incorporating their brand in as many places as they can. So, should you.

Visual elements

There is always a great effort that is put into every presenter’s speech. A quality audio system will assist to ensure that all important messages are clearly heard. However, it is important to understand that visual elements play an equally important role. Properly displayed content is crucial to effectively deliver your message, so vowing for high quality is important. Using multiple large projection screens or video walls will allow you displays are the right size and brightness.

Physical Elements

The physical element of stage design should include creative furniture. Why not have a custom lectern, or even a reusable lectern wrap, produced with your brand? When you are designing your stage, think about the appropriate height and size to accommodate all your audience. Once you have that figured out you then can accent the look with additional sections, and shapes.


A final but not last factor in the stage design is lighting. Obviously, proper stage lighting is needed for the audience to see the presenters. But, effective lighting can add a powerful aspect. It can be used strategically to heighten the audience’s mood and experience. The possibilities are endless from using static colored lights all the way to full moving lighting instruments.

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