Top 10 Unique Flowers To Pick For Your Wedding

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Every wedding is unique, but oftentimes wedding trends become so popular that it can be difficult to make your wedding stand out among those of your family and friends. At Art of the Event, we believe it’s all about subtle changes to your decor that can make your special day really shine. When it comes to making small tweaks without disrupting the overall theme, our wedding planning company always recommends changing up the floral displays.

But we don’t just mean changing your flowers from roses to hydrangeas — we recommend exploring some truly unique, rare, and exotic flowers to decorate your tabletops and your wedding party. Below are our floral department’s top 10 picks for unique wedding flowers.

Seldom Chosen But Beautiful Wedding Flowers

  1. Bouvardia. Available in white, peach, pink or red — these flowers are the perfect addition to any bouquet or arrangement. They are tiny, star-shaped clustered flowers that make arrangements delicate and feminine for any springtime wedding. The best part? They’re affordable and don’t have a strong scent (if that’s what you’re aiming for).
  2. Coxcomb. Before you say no to this daringly bold flower, hear us out. The coxcomb is unique due to it’s resemblance to a rooster and works as a beautiful, vibrate centerpiece to any arrangement. Available in yellow, green, orange, pink and crimson, the coxcomb is unscented and pairs well with garden roses and dahlias.Floral arrangements
  3. Dahlia. Mentioned above as an accompaniment to the coxcomb, the dahlia flower works as an eye-catcher. It’s bold appearance (available in white, yellow, orange, pink, red and purple) and wide spread of petals makes this flower ideal for filling out otherwise scant arrangements. We recommend adding the dahlia to bouquets or arrangements for early fall weddings.
  4. Freesia. Unlike the flowers above that are unscented, the freesia flower is completely the opposite. Just a few flowers placed strategically throughout your event venue can create a sweet-smelling room that will delight your guests. These affordable wedding flowers are also perfect to use year-round and their lengthy stems work best in table arrangements.
  5. Gladiolus. Best known for it’s flowers protruding down it’s lengthy stem, the gladiolus is perfect for summer beach weddings and outdoor weddings. Available in white, yellow, apricot, pink, dark pink, red, purple and a variety of other colors, this unscented flower is affordable and perfect for adding height to centerpieces. Some brides have often carried a bundle of gladiolus for their walk down the isle!
  6. Ornithogalum. Available year-round in white, ivory, yellow or orange, the ornithogalum is an affordable wedding flower that is long-lasting (a couple weeks after it’s been cut!). This flower is perfect for outdoor weddings and is best known for opening during the day and closing at night — so if you plan to include it in your bouquet, make sure your ceremony is during the day.Table floral display
  7. Queen Anne’s Lace. We know you’ve probably seen this one growing in your local park or along the neighborhood sidewalk — but the queen anne’s lace popularity is due to it’s flower head’s similar appearance to traditional lace. Affordable with a grassy scent and available in white or green, many brides opting for a rustic-themed wedding will add this flower to fill out bouquets or centerpieces.
  8. Stephanotis. Although this is often a popular choice for weddings, this traditional wedding flower just had to be in our list of unique wedding flowers. What makes this flower unique is that it’s white blossoms bloom along a vine, making it the ideal choice for floral decor arrangements such as altar adornments (they can also be hung from wall fixtures). Although inexpensive to purchase, the stephanotis needs to be specially arranged for bouquets which can increase it’s price.
  9. Sweet Pea. A traditional wedding flower that seems to have gone on the wayside as of late. The sweet pea’s delicate petals, floral scent and beautiful green vine make this another perfect wedding flower for table arrangements. Available from November to June, the sweet pea has an intense fragrance and is well worth shelling out a few extra bucks to include it in your arrangements of non-scented flowers.
  10. Tuberose. Perfect for summer or early fall weddings, the tuberose has a strong scent — which means a little bit goes a long way. Include a floret in a table centerpiece with unscented flowers to add some fragrance. Many brides will also include the tuberose in a bouquet to add a touch of softness against other, more brightly colored flowers.

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