Top 5 Reasons Fall is the Best Time of Year to Host Your Event

With so many reasons to host your event in the fall, it’s time to start planning! Take advantage of the fall foliage, warm color palette, and crisp air – unlike any other season. Outdoor weddings and corporate events are perfect for the fall, but this magical season doesn’t last long! Don’t let all the natural inspiration during this time of year, perfect for any event, pass you by.

If you’re looking to make your corporate event or party stand out this season there are several choice themes to consider, including Fall Harvest, Sports / Tailgate theme, Medieval Times, Oktoberfest, and Halloween.

Here are our top 5 reasons why fall is the perfect season to host your event!

  • Festive Fall Decor: Traditional fall decorations include colorful leaves, sunflowers, scarecrows, pumpkins, and haystacks! For stylish furniture that complements your color palette, wooden accents create a cozy, comfortable setting that the entire party will enjoy and admire.
  • The Weather: Crisp air replaces the muggies, allowing for more comfortable outdoor and tented events! Incorporating your theme into the surrounding autumn setting makes any event feel even bigger and better.
  • It’s Harvest Season! Celebrate with Interactive Farmer’s Market events, incorporating the bounty of the season into your special day, such as apples, pumpkins, and gourds.The colorful foods and florals of autumn sprinkled throughout add just the right pop of color and texture to more sophisticated events. Combined together in more elaborate arrangements, the same elements create an explosion of hues, mimicking the harvest itself!
  • Seasonal Foods: Did we mention it’s Harvest season? Fall is the best time to serve delicious local food, fresh from the farm! Whether you are planning a corporate event or wedding, your caterer and planner can advise on what’s ripe and ideal for serving. Exhibit these in trending food stations such as hot cider or cocoa bars, fondue stations, s’mores bars, or even a personalized bar, boasting all your favorite fall foods and beverages!
  • Halloween theme: The kid in us all loves Halloween! Get spooky by adding dry ice to create a dramatic smokey look, sure to hook everyone’s attention. Halloween event decor and entertainment can be playful, scary, or both! Consider Halloween activities like a pumpkin carving competition or a costume contest.

The kids are back at school and everyone is back from summer vacation. This is the perfect time to plan your special event before everyone gets tied up with their personal Holiday business and travel. And if you need any assistance with your upcoming fall event, contact our award winning event specialists at Art of The Event by calling 781.670.9292. We love the Fall too!!


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