Top Five Questions to ask your floral/wedding designer

pink flowers in a gold vase

There are many different aspects to consider when picking your wedding floral designer: 

  1. Do your homework. Don’t trust pictures, they mean nothing
    • Look for tangible proof of a company or designers past / ability
    • Publications, venue and vendor recommendations – anyone can build a website and make an album!
    • If they don’t provide a free sample pay for one – it’s worth it!
  2. Like & trust your designer
    • Besides a wedding planner (if you have one) and your photographer – your florist will have the most contact and connection with you.
    • While ultimately the quality of their work is number one, getting along with your designer is paramount to a beautiful event.
    • Not only will you be in constant contact with your designer throughout the process to ensure the actualize your vision, they are also a part of your most intimate moments like when they deliver your bridal florals while you are getting ready for your day!
  3. Ask how many events / wedding will your company be doing that day
    • Will your designer be present or just send a bunch of delivery people
    • Your designer should be on site the day of your wedding – prepared to handle anything unexpected – flowers are a perishable product and things happen
    • You don’t want to go through the process with someone and have them no where to be found on your big day
  4. How does their pricing work? 
    • No one does anything for free – if labor, delivery, set-up and strike are not mentioned or charged for specifically somewhere then where is that coming from?  Chances are it’s built into the pricing if this is the case, so what portion is going to the flowers?
    • Do you do a walk-through?  Do you charge for it?
  5. Based on my (the client’s) style, venue (& budget if you have one) what would you suggest I do?
    • This question will give a real sense of your designers experience – how well they know the space / venue, their sense of design and what elements they feel are most important based on their experience, if you have an established budget how they would best allocate it for maximum impact.

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