Unique & Effective Branding Ideas for Events

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We’re full steam ahead into spring season which means way more opportunities for unique event ideas in the Boston area. If your business is planning an event and you’re looking to build business credibility, support, brand recognition, and loyalty, then your best bet is to opt for some creative branding with help from Art of the Event.

The goal of event branding is to be subtle, yet creative and eye-catching. It can take a lot of practice to master the art of event branding, which is why we highly recommend contacting a professional corporate event branding company. Here are a few creative ideas to get you started — all of which our event planning company in Boston is more than capable of designing for you.

Effective Event Branding Ideas

  • Social Media Props. There’s nothing better than setting up a corporate event Hashtag in the weeks leading up to your big event and then having your guests use it at a custom-designed social media photo booth. Art of the Event will create props guests can hold in order to make the photos Instagram-worthy while at the same time promoting your brand. This branding idea is also quite inexpensive depending on the size and scale of the props.Radius Dance Party MIT
  • Lighting. Lighting effects is what we do best here at Art of the Event and we can truthfully say there’s nothing more jaw-dropping than a large, lit-up company logo on a back wall or dance floor. Our graphics and branding department will work closely with our production crew to make sure the lighting is just right and is coordinated with your company’s logo colors or your event’s theme colors.
  • Lanyards & Badges. Planning on making an appearance at an industry conference or trade show? Make sure your company stands out with custom-designed lanyards and badges. These are great additions to the age-old business cards and are much more visible and recognizable. Let us help your representatives make a lasting first impression with colorful badges.
  • Backdrops. Sponsorship backdrops are often what you see while watching the Oscar’s or Emmy Awards, but why not bring that red carpet vibe to your next event? Sponsored backdrops are a great entry feature to have and are the perfect setup for any press or photographers who want to get a snap of a corporate executive or keynote speaker.
  • Digital Branding. If your event includes a well-positioned screen from which keynote speakers will be making presentations, then this is your chance to set up a holding screen. These screens will be displayed between presentations as opposed to turning the projector off altogether. Art of the Event will work with you to ensure that your logo is crystal clear and can be seen easily from any corner of the room.Projector screen
  • T-Shirts. There’s a reason this event branding idea keeps making the list — it’s because it actually works! Custom-made t-shirts and company apparel is a great way to build company morale as well as advertise your brand. Although Art of the Event does not provide screen printing services, we do provide branding and logo design. Let our experts custom create a t-shirt design that you can then send to the print screen company.
  • Wristbands. These little bracelets aren’t just to keep tabs on how many people are at an event, they’re also a great way to advertise a brand. Think about it: every time the individual looks at their watch or goes to shake the hand of another event attendee, that wristband is noticeable.
  • Lectern. The highlight of any corporate event is always the keynote speaker, which means all eyes are on the podium as they present. Make your brand known loud and clear by choosing a lectern branding design custom created by Art of the Event’s graphic design team. Audience members will be snapping photos that will eventually be shared online, which means your brand will end up reaching a large audience for days after the event wraps up.

Ready to make a lasting impression on your guests at your next corporate event? Contact Art of the Event today for graphics and branding services, event design and event production services.

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