Utilizing Color in Events: 2nd Edition

When designing a space, the color you choose will help define the mood. Blues can be cool and relaxing while reds are warm and inviting. At Art of the Event, we use color to infuse our event spaces with personality. Sometimes we focus on one color (or hue) to encompass the space and create harmony. In art and design, using different tints, shades, and tones of just one hue is called monochromatic.

A hue is simply the color.







A tint is created by adding white to the hue, resulting in a lighter, softer color.







A shade is created by adding black to the hue, resulting in a darker, richer color.







A tone is created by adding gray (or both black and white) to the hue, which desaturates it.







Together, tints and shades create a variety of values, and the tones change the brightness. We use all of these along with shape and texture to make the monochromatic spaces we design feel interesting, lively, and welcoming.











Context Media DCT Dinner

This corporate gala is on-brand with purple lighting, decor and linens. Our uplighting is bold and bright in the elegant room. The variety of value in the purples helps to make the room feel larger and the concentration of bright lights and purples around the stage draws the eye there.











Gourmet Caterers IciclEvent Epicenter

Our tall tufted benches and shag carpeting bring contrast in shaping and texture to this ice-blue space.

The Art of the Event by Grazier Photography

Our mirror tables help reflect the lighting and color in this cool violet decor. Soft candlelight on the table contrasts with our uplighting on the edge of the room. The flowers, glass, and curtains bring different textures to the room.











Radius Dance Party MIT

We used pink and red flood lights, uplighting and spotlights to create a temporary dance club in this tent! Specialty GOBOs lights make the patterns on the ceiling. Black mirrored furniture completes the look – combined with the lights it helps create tints and shades of pink.











Trinity Holiday Party Charles Hotel

Red perimeter curtains with uplighting helps bathe this holiday party in a soft glow. Dark furniture with red place settings and flowers completes the look with shades of red.

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