Clean Your Air With UVC Air Purification Systems

UVC disinfecting units clean indoor air to protect your employees, students and clients from viruses and other airborne illnesses. These energy-efficient systems safely eliminate viruses, allergens, smoke, dust, odors, pollen and dander, which makes this ideal for shared spaces.

How it Works

Surrounding “dirty” air is drawn into the UV purifier chamber via filters with fans (protected by end caps) on both ends of the unit. The “dirty” air passes through the UV sanitation chamber, where it is treated with UVC light using the two T8 fluorescent lamps. UV lights kill bacteria and viruses by destroying the molecular bonds that hold them together.  Clean sanitized air exits the chamber through a louvered exhaust panel at the bottom and is released back into the environment. This low-maintenance air disinfection process is continuous and quiet.

Tailored Solutions

We distribute several types of UV air purifiers, including forced air systems to mount against walls and in-duct HVAC UV systems to add to your existing HVAC. Both of these solutions are ideal for K-12 schools, colleges, universities and graduate schools, as well as for businesses of all types.

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