We Love Boston! Specialty Venue Report

Boch Center

270 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02116

In searching for the most versatile and accommodating venue, the Boch Center has proven to be a prime choice. A cultural staple in Boston for about a century now, the Boch Center is a wonderful place to spend time. With its extravagant lobbies and common spaces, the venue has an ambiance reminiscent of Boston’s rich historic past. Every inch of the interior will take your breath away; the lobby, the Wang Theater, The Shubert Theater, The Metropolitan and even the hallways will have you in absolute awe. Boch Center hosts everything from private parties during a concert with 10 attendees to open houses hosting upwards of 3,000 attendees.

Planning an event with The Boch Center couldn’t be easier. With thirteen different caterers to chose from and a variety of menus, they make contracting the perfect chef with the perfect menu a breeze! They also boast their own in-house bar as well as no restrictions on fire certified decor items. Art of the Event has worked closely with the Boch Center and its constituents time and time again, refining load-ins and event set-ups with precision and ease.

The Boch Center is well known for myriad of local and international corporations they serve for a multitude of events. They entertain college graduations, product launch parties, company meetings, holiday parties, and can’t be defined as anything less than a pleasure to work with. Events held here tend to host about 150-2,000 attendees, always leaving guests with everlasting memories. The Boch Center also boasts some of the most beautiful weddings imaginable. The weddings held here take place in the lobby, which has access to four floors. The main floor has a guest capacity of 150-200 guests, or the event can incorporate all four floors increasing the guest limit to 900-1,000.

All in all, The Boch Center is an ideal venue not only because of the building’s history and architectural beauty but because of its location in the heart of Boston. It is a very convenient venue that is close to a number of hotels and restaurants. The Boch Center should always be considered when hosting a corporate, or even a social event; especially a wedding.  Not only can you host an event from 10 – 3,000 guests, but the venue itself creates an atmosphere that your attendees will fall in love with. Overall, The Boch center has the ability to host even the most personalized events with the utmost professionalism, service, and uniqueness.

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