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The East Coast Tavern Group, consisting of six separate restaurants in the Boston area, (6B Lounge, Carrie Nation, Emmet’s, Emmet’s of Norwood, Magnolia Smokehouse and Scholars) can accommodate groups of all different sizes to celebrate any occasion! ECTG has been a part of the hospitality industry for over 20 years.  Each facility is unique in it’s own way; however, all stand for the same core values ensuring customers “get the utmost in experience, style and atmosphere the minute they walk in the door.”


11 Beacon Street, Boston, MA, 02108

One of ECTG’s renowned restaurants is Carrie Nation. Located in a historic neighborhood on Beacon Hill, Carrie Nation is known for its thematic atmosphere and delicious customizable menu. The establishment was named after Prohibition crusader, Carrie Amelia Nation, who was on a mission to destroy any and all “speakeasies” because, in her opinion, alcoholic beverages were “sinful”. With that being said, Carrie Nation’s decor represents traditional 1920’s lighting and lounges and is dressed in plenty of red velvet.

The entire venue’s capacity is 345 guests; however, both semi-private and private events are offered in any of their three separate spaces. Each room boasts its own distinct environment equipped for corporate parties, social gatherings or weddings.

Carrie Nation-Speakeasy Middle Lounge

-The Trimountaine Room is the main dining space, suitable for sit down receptions or any buffet style event. The space is very open and can accommodate up to 150 guests. A feature this room offers is an 18 guest Chef’s Table: the chefs at Carrie Nation love to get creative with custom requests!

-The Beacon Room is a smaller and more personal space at the front of the venue. The full length windows look out to Beacon street and are capable of opening on beautiful summer days. This space also has access to the venue’s main bar.

– The Speakeasy space is tucked away in the back, almost hidden, just as a speakeasy in the 1920s would be. The space can fit a total of 150 guests however smaller groups can also be accommodated. The Speakeasy room features a full service bar as well as two full size billiards tables and replicates 1920’s speakeasy ambiance.

Carrie Nation chef's table (18seated)

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