What Entertainment Is Right For My Event?

So you are looking for a way to make your event one to remember. You want your guests to not just be entertained, but to have the times of their lives! Then a great idea comes to you to hire professional entertainment. The ones that will know how to entertain people to the fullest would be professionals right? However, the question is who is the right choice? Here are four things to consider when you are picking your entertainment.


When picking the right entertainment is knowing your audience. Looking at things such as demographic, age, profession, and most importantly the personality of those that are seeking to entertain. For example if the majority of your audience is skeptic it may be a better choice to get a comedian to perform. You want your audience to get the most out of whatever entertainment you provide, and that means dissecting the average audience member.

Event Schedule

The schedule of your event may not seem like the biggest deal when it comes to choosing entertainment, but it can actually have a huge effect on how the audience perceives a performance. Things to consider when planning your schedule: Time of day, other event activities, and length of entertainment. Depending on your act of entertainment and your audience people can only sit still and be entertained for so long. Consider the time of the overall events and if there will be time for audiences to eat or stand up and move around.

Size & Venue

Considering size and venue is another quick way to choose the entertainment for your events. When you think about it a lot of aspects can limit the abilities of an entertainer. For example a comedian is less impressive when they are only performing to 10 people due to the seating the venue offers. Certain forms of entertainment just won’t mesh well with the size of your audience and the venue of your event. Will there be a stage? Will the audience be able to interact? Will everyone be able to see and hear? These are all questions you should ask yourself.

Mood, Message, Manner

Lastly, you should consider the mood, message, and manner of your event. Consider how people are feeling, the message you are trying to convey, and the atmosphere in which the event will occur. Considering these three things will help you picture your event in its entirety. Leaving you with an event that is not just fun but one that guests will hold in memory for the rest of their lives

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