Where Should I Place Social Distancing Signage?

As business places and public places begin to open up, it is the responsibility of the owners and authorities to enable their visitors to abide by the social distance practices. It is then important to understand how and where to use social distancing signage to help curb the spread of the virus.

Let’s go over specific places you should place social distancing signage and why.

Entrances and exits 

If your business environment has the facilities, designate a separate entrance and exit into your building. This will help to encourage social distancing and also aid traffic flow control. You can also put signs in places to remind people of the need to have physical distance, but you should also be vocal about it.

If the visitors have to go through a temperature check before getting into the building, coordinate the checking in an orderly manner. Some of the signs you can place at entrances and exits include wall signs, arrows to direct, floor tapes, barricades, and many more. 

Waiting areas

The lobby or waiting room is an area where people congregate and can often forget to observe the social distancing rule. This place is a great place to put the signs and labels to remind the people. If you have chairs that are stack together, use seat markers to indicate which seat is available for use and which isn’t. 

Warehouse or distribution centers 

Another place you can put the social distancing signage is the warehouse. Be innovative with the traffic patterns to encourage social distancing and put signs in various places within the facilities. Floor tape, adhesive floor markers, and wall signs will be of great help.

Communal places

You can also put social distancing signage in communal places like the restroom, break rooms, or cafeteria. Put spacing reminders in places where lines will be formed and help encourage hand washing in the restrooms through the use of signs.

Work areas

The employees that work in manufacturing or areas where the cooking is done as in the case of a restaurant too need to be protected. So, to keep out crowding in areas where stocks are located, guidelines need to be put in place.

Floor tapes and signage that stands out in specific parts of the room will also go a long way to help.


Curbing the spread of the novel coronavirus is the responsibility of everyone. Store owners and other business owners should take social distancing seriously. Invest in signage that helps you sensitize your visitors and customers about the dangers of contracting the virus. 

Handbills, wall signs, floor tape, custom signs, and many more will help your cause. My Safe Meeting will help you take care of all the signage your business needs to be vocal about social distancing. The virus has changed your business, and we are here to help all along the way. Contact us today by giving us a call at 978-267-1080 or by filling out a contact form.

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